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Your LA Forever Lunch

You’re trapped in the event horizon of a black hole, but fortunately you brought lunch from your favorite LA lunch spot, which you’ll now be eating forever. So, what are you eating?

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  1. Langer's Deli Pastrami on rye with fries and an ice tea please.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      I could also be very happy with a Cupid's Chili Cheese Dog or two.

          1. re: Kalivs

            The Big Seafood Tower at Fishing With Dynamite.

            1. re: wienermobile

              How would you compare it to 'The Hungry Cat'?

    2. Son of a Gun's linguine with Uni & clam sauce.... With lots of bread to soak up that sauce....

      1. - Langers #19, fries well, cream soda


        - 2 fish 1 shrimp taco from RFT

        1. Shunji's large sushi lunch special

          1. Give me some time to ponder that one.

            But probably yes an omakase sushi lunch from Shunjis

            And a pastrami sandwich from langers.

            And a whole crab with preserved egg yolk from Sea Harbour.

            And a side of pumpkin ravioli in a brown butter sauce from Giorgio.

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            1. re: kevin

              If it's a black hole built for two, I'm eating with Kevin. Those are great choices.

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                Yeah, great choices. But, Kevin kinda cheated by listing a BUNCH of great choices. I think he needs to make up his mind, like that old Lovin Spoonful song says.

            2. Langners pastrami or Philepes French Dip

              1. Chicken Pad Thai at Thai Corner/Mercado La Paloma.

                I never get tired of it.

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                1. re: latindancer

                  My goodness is that place actually decent? Seriously have been to Chichen Itza thirty plus times and have never tried Thai Corner

                  1. re: set0312

                    <is that place actually decent??

                    I have no idea if the other food is decent.
                    My standard order, which I've been ordering for years, is the Pad Thai and the sticky rice with mango…both of which I love.

                    1. re: latindancer

                      Thank you!! I've been curious about that stand forever and volunteer at a dog rescue very nearby and head downtown for lunch instead! Will try it this weekend and report back!

                2. Carne Asada burrito from Yuca's.

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                  1. Taquitos from Juanita's on Olvera. But I'd want bites of macdog's burrito, too. Is macdog there?

                    1. Oysters from Fishing with Dynamite, but only in R months.

                      1. Chicken special from Dino's, extra "sauce."

                        1. Actually according to the latest data on black hole research and general relativity, the most likely scenario is that if you're drifting towards a black hole, Mr. Hawking thinks you will be sheared to pieces before even entering.

                          So, that forever lunch would actually be your last meal.


                          Being a good sport, though, my answer would be Guisados Sampler

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                          1. re: J.L.

                            It's funny, last meal or not, Guisado's was on my mind too.

                            1. re: cinefoodie

                              Hey at least there's some variety within that sampler.

                              1. re: J.L.

                                The fish tacos at Tacos Punta Cabras also come to mind...

                          2. Since this post is make-believe, I'm going to make believe that Noura Cafe is still around. I would get the green salad, grape leaves, chicken kabob with extra garlic sauce, pita chips and hummus. And wine. And Turkish coffee. And baklava. If the ruler of the black hole stratasphere won't allow me to re-open Noura, then a great cheese/charcuterie plate from Tasting Kitchen will do. With wine and dessert. And bread. (Those aren't necessarily my absolute favorite meals in the whole world, but are two meals I'm pretty sure I won't get sick of eating.)

                            1. I'd have Urosawa cater some sushi. What the hell, I've got eternity to pay for it...

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                              1. re: medrite

                                Urasawa is open for lunch? I thought the thread was restricted to places which actually serve lunch.

                                1. re: J.L.

                                  Well we don't even know for sure how long we would last in that black hole thing.

                                  But I'd also take me some
                                  Of my tamagoyaki from Kiriko or Mori.

                                  1. re: J.L.

                                    It's always 24/7 in the black hole.

                                2. Caviar eggs and the salad with caviar cream fraiche dressing at Petrossian. Along with the caviar martini....

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                                  1. re: perk

                                    Perk. Isn't there a dessert at Peteossian with caviar on it ??????

                                    1. re: kevin

                                      I'm sure there is. I'm not much of a dessert person. I'll just stick with the caviar martini!

                                  2. The chili relleno burrito from Melody's in Reseda.

                                    1. Fried chicken, on Flossie's/Jim Dandy/whomever's best days.
                                      Whatever Shunji-san puts in front of me.

                                      1. BBQ duck with chili and garlic from Yai's.

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                                        1. re: Bob Brooks

                                          Yai's - that brings me back to my first meals in LA. Still good, Bob Brooks?

                                          1. re: Ciao Bob

                                            I can only speak for the duck as I can't get myself to order anything else when I'm there.

                                          1. re: tissue

                                            how much is the sashimi platter these days ?????????

                                            1. re: kevin

                                              15 - sometimes I splurge and get the uni tray. And then I love my life even more

                                          2. The #7 hot roast beef and pastrami sandwich from Eastside market and italian deli on alpine just west of chinatown.

                                            1. Super huarache at El Huarache Azteca. My word, it is extraordinary.