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Jan 29, 2014 12:45 PM

DineLA at Craft

I will be checking out DineLA at Craft for dinner tonight. Last year Craft was my favorite DineLA by far and was very impressed with the quality and quantity of food.

Has anyone had the current DineLA dinner there and what did you think?

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  1. I went last week. It was my 3rd visit to Craft, my first DineLA there.... I've been missing out!

    Service was top notch, as always. I was impressed how effortlessly they presented the DineLA options. They didn't push the regular menu at all and almost made the assumption you'd partake in DineLA (this is very different than other restaurants I've visited during DineLA when it's mentioned almost as an afterthought).

    Food was very good - as expected. For me, it was the dessert course that knocked my socks off. Lots of extras, just as a regular dining experience. The food came out very quick and it seemed just about every table I saw was taking advantage of the deal.

    I thought the value was unbeatable and will definitely make Craft a must with each DineLA!

    Amuse: pumpkin soup with a pumpkin seed (so good!)

    Appetizers (no options - all 3 served for the table):
    -- Tuna - delicious - perfectly sliced and very fresh
    -- Salad - delicious - perfectly dressed and so good! My surprising favorite of the three.
    -- Chicken Rillette - my least favorite of all the dishes, but my dining partner's favorite of the night (go figure!)

    Mains: (Pick 1 of a list of 5 - there were two fish options, one pork, one mushroom risotto, and our selections listed below):
    --Duck Sausage - it wasn't bad, but I wasn't particularly amazed by this dish. It was served with a large portion of lentils.
    -- Cavatelli with beef ragout - this had a large dollop of creme fraiche on top... so much so, I thought the creme fraiche overpowered the dish. The ragout was delicious and I found myself adding sauce from the dish to the duck sausage to liven it up.
    --With the mains, they also brought out an additional side of roasted cauliflower - which was delicious and a much appreciated 'extra'.

    -- Lemon Tart - THIS was to die for and my favorite of the night. Light and flavorful - topped with persimmon seeds (and other things I can't remember!)
    -- Panna Cotta - also very good, but the lemon overshadowed it, IMO.
    -- Cashew Carmel Popcorn - another small 'extra' treat for the table.

    And, to take home, some of their signature granola.

    On my previous visit, we did 2 apps, 2 mains, and 1 dessert and I believe the bill was about $100 more. It's a delicious steal! Enjoy and report back! I'm curious about the other mains! My only wish is that there would have been a beef-centric main option (vs. just the ragout on the pasta).... but, even if it was the same lineup, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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      Thank you very much for your detailed experience, Oracle! This is great to know and I'm really looking forward to tonight. Craft is a class act

      1. re: Ernie

        take me with you!!! ;) Enjoy! Craft is a such a treat! I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience!

        1. re: The Oracle

          Craft delivered again last night. Service was very gracious and food was great. Amuse bouche of pumpkin soup was very nice and that salad was also my favorite of the three apps. Very fresh and perfectly dressed and refreshing.

          For mains, our table of two split the short rib cavatelli and petrale sole with yams and bacon. Both were great but I could have licked the short rib cavatelli with crème fraîche clean. That sauce was so decadent and rich and deeply flavored with the mushrooms

          For the desserts I loved the butterscotch and appreciated the house made cracker jacks at the end. At the end of the meal, I really liked how they gave us packets of granola to enjoy the next morning. Very nice touch. Thank you, Craft for another great DineLA experience

          1. re: Ernie

            Nice report! I'm pretty sure our cavatelli bowl was spotless, after I went to town on it with a piece of bread (isn't their squaw (?) bread amazing?!)

            I'm still smiling from our meal there and already looking forward to the next DineLA

      2. re: The Oracle

        Excellent report, Oracle. We couldn't get our act together due to a move. By the time we got around to looking at the Dine LA, there were no decent times available at Craft (5 or 10pm!). We go to Craft every year for Dine LA and love the attention to detail, the extras, the drinks, and the food of course.

        I love their granola and wish they would post the recipe.

        1. re: granadafan

          I bet they'd share their granola recipe with you! Next visit, ask the GM, when they come around to check on the table. :)

          And, I hear you on the reservations! I think I scored my same-day reservation on a cancellation!

      3. I went last night and had basically the same experience as the Oracle, except that we got the cavatelli and the wild mushroom risotto for our mains. Every dish was wonderful - I think I liked the risotto the best, with the two desserts tied for second. I agree that the little extras make it feel so special, and of course the service is wonderful. Definitely a great vale at $45pp!

        1. i went to craft for lunch yesterday,its a shame they changed the dine la menu.i walked out,they didnt care