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Jan 29, 2014 11:15 AM

IHOP (Broadway & Laurel) Gone - to be replaced by Japanese BBQ

Caught sight of their new signage today. Didn't see the English name, but the Japanese name is "牛角" (bull horns). No bull ;-)

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  1. That would be Gyu Kaku, it's a Japanese chain with locations all over the US. Appears this is the second Canadian location (there's one at Nelson and Hornby downtown:

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    1. re: jerkstore

      Nice sleuthing :-) I did see "Gy"-something on the red banner but it was behind me in my sideview mirror !

      I'm fairly sure it's the IHOP space and not the Pondok space, but I could be wrong. I need to drop by Shoppers Drug Mart this evening so I'll take another look to be sure.

      I like the fact it's an int'l chain, that would suggest quality and practices are up to snuff. Didn't even know there's already one downtown. And a 91% favorable rating on Urbanspoon ain't shabby at all.