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Best BBQ Between the Triangle and Charlotte

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I know there are a lot of threads about barbecue, but that's sort of the reason I'm struggling - too many options!

We're driving from the Triangle to Charlotte as part of a road trip in April, and I want to stop somewhere for BBQ for lunch. We are already going to be hitting Allen & Son while we're in town.

We're willing to go out of our way for the best stuff, but I'm having a hard time picking from all of the recommendations I've seen here - Lexington #1 BBQ, Little Richards, Stamey's, BBQ Center, etc.

If I can only go to one place between Raleigh/Durham/CH and Charlotte, which one should it be?

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  1. I'd go to Lexington #1--and get the sliced pork, which is my favorite.

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        I like Little Richards more than Lexington #1 but I'm from Winston-Salem, I grew up with it. Lexington #1 is a good example of a slightly different style than Allen & Sons, it's famous(ish) and it's on the most direct route to Charlotte so that sounds like a good bet.

        1. I like Little Richard's, but in order to not take a big detour I'd have no issues with Lex#1...it ain't half bad (LoL).

          1. Wow, I guess that was easy then. Thanks, everyone!

            1. I like Lex #1 too, my only complaint is their portions are rather modest. Order accordingly.

              1. If you decide on a detour to Winston Salem, I recommend the Original Little Richards BBQ on Country Club Road. Here's our recent experience at Little Richards. I ordered the Bar-B-Que Salad and a quart of Brunswick Stew, so we could all try it. My salad was completely covered with a generous portion of chopped barbeque. The shredded lettuce was topped with cheese and tomatoes. The smoky, lean meat paired nicely with all the toppings. With the large serving of BBQ, loads of cheese and creamy dressing, this was not a 'pick at it like a bird salad'; it was a filling, satisfying meal. The Brunswick Stew would work well as a side, or it could stand alone as a meal itself. The thick hearty stew takes hours to make in order to meld the flavors together (chopped barbeque, chicken, potatoes, corn, peas, tomatoes, beans, onions, green peppers, and carrots). Jerry and I enjoyed the stew but agreed that it needed more black pepper and a few dashes of hot sauce. Mom had the sliced BBQ plate with BBQ slaw, fries and hushpuppies. The plate had six slices of tender, lean meat with bark on one side and a pink smoke ring. You could tell from the smoky taste and tenderness of the meat that it had been cooked with hickory wood for 8-10 hours. The fresh zingy slaw and crunchy hushpuppies complimented the BBQ. The plate came with dip that added moistness along with a peppery tanginess to the meat. Mom loves their sliced plate and orders it every time we get food from the Original Little Richard's. Jerry had a rack of BBQ ribs that came with three sides of your choice. He opted for potato salad, baked beans, and white slaw. The meat had been cooked to done until the fat melted into the meat. After the ribs had been smoked, the well-seasoned bark was brushed with sauce that added an extra layer of tangy flavor. The tender rib meat easily gave way from the bone as we dug in. The potato salad was coated with a mayonnaise and light mustard dressing, and the finely diced celery added the occasional crunch. Jerry was extremely pleased with the BBQ ribs. Please check out our blog for more details at http://foodandbrewreview.wordpress.co....

                1. I like Hendrix in Spencer, NC
                  BBQ Joint
                  615 N Salisbury Ave, Spencer, NC 28159