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Jan 29, 2014 09:58 AM

Prime Rib at Zum Stammtisch

I just wanted to share with anyone looking for great Prime Rib with a very serious portion, they should check out Zum Stammtish in Queens. I've been going there for years, but this past weekend I NEEDED Prime Rib for my birthday, and when we called to confirm their special was available that day, and that it was a nice size, they said they call it the "Flintstone Cut". The only catch is that it's only available on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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  1. It's pretty hard to mess up prime rib (other than overcooking it), but while we're talking about Zum Stammtisch, I'd like to say that I went several years ago with some friends. I love good German food. In fact, I was a waiter long ago in a German restaurant in West Hartford where the food was terrific. The meals we ate at Zum Stammtisch were not very good. Everything was bland and tasteless. Have not been back since. I guess it doesn't matter. They're still in business.

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      I've had wurst plates, kassler ripchen, and jaegerscnitzel at Zum's. All of them have been fine. Not stellar but sometimes you just want comfort food.

      Can you recommend a better German place, either in the OBs or Manhattan? (I'm not suggesting that one doesn't exist. Suggestions are always welcome.)

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        I like Zum as well. had a pretty good meal at Heidelberg a couple months back, highlighted by the liver dumpling soup and stellar cucumber and potato salads. the wurst platter was good, the jagerschitzel characterized by an excellent gravy that outstripped the middling meat.

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          I haven't been to any of these, but the article says they are the best in NYC:

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            That's a mixed list.

            Cafe Katja was good when I went a few years back and they've expanded their menu since they increased the size of the place. I'd happily go again.

            I've heard good things about Seasonal.

            I've been to Blau Gans and I thought it was expensive for what it was. I probably should give it another try.

            Prime Meats really isn't German at all. (Throwing a couple of sausage dishes on the menu doesn't make you "German.") It's worth a visit anyway, just not as a "German" place.


            Wechsler's has a *really* limited menu. The type of place you'd drop into during the middle of a bar crawl and have a quick bite.

            I haven't been to the other places on the list.

            I've enjoyed a number of meals at Loreley. Worth a shot.


            And I was surprised that the food at Lederhosen is pretty good. It attracts a beer hall/frat boy crowd at times but you can eat at the much quieter bar. Not bad at all.


            1. re: Bob Martinez

              I don't know how I forgot this one. Had a really nice meal here a couple of years ago and it's in Bay Ridge: