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Jan 29, 2014 09:49 AM

Food, Beer, Wine - Seattle Favs

My husband and I are travelling to Seattle for the first time in March for a four day long weekend trip. We will be staying downtown but renting a car for one day of our trip to see some outlying things. We will be doing one big dinner for my birthday, but I think I have found enough info on the best places (now I just have to pick). I really want to know about quintessential Seattle local favorites.

Beer – Coming from Fort Collins, CO we are big into beer. What are the best local breweries? Where is a good place to grab a pint?

Wine – We love wine. Does Seattle have a wine bar culture? Do people visit wineries? I know there are a few big producers in the Woodinville area, but we definitely like smaller, more local producers.

Food – We enjoy finding really good local haunts. What are the best food trucks? Best street food?

Finally, if you could recommend one thing to eat, see, do, or buy in Seattle what would it be?

I know this is a broad post, but I have found gobs of info on food in Seattle, but less info on beer and wine. We just want to make sure we get the true flavor of the city.

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  1. Woodinville is FULL of small, local wine and spirit producers. It is very worth taking a day, and going tasting, if you want to get familiar with the local wine scene.

    My favorite (though less on the small side) is DeLille Cellars.

    More info here:

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      Don't overlook the beer offerings of Woodinville as well. Foggy Noggin, Dirty Bucket and 12 Bars are all tiny but awesome breweries. Tripplehorn and Brickyard are also up there.

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        That is great news! We are planning some time in Woodinville. Thanks for the wine and beer recs!

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          Any clue if those breweries resell anywhere over here on the west side of the lake?

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            All the recommendations to drive out to Woodinville are spot-on. Washington wines are incredible and they are almost all represented in Woodinville.

            If I were showing friends for a day, I'd drive over the 520 bridge out to Microsoft and head north to Woodinville from there. You've got Seattle's second-best brewery (Black Raven) on the way (I'm partial to Maritime Pacific in Ballard) to Chateau St. Michelle and all the wineries in Woodinville.

            While in Woodinville you've got a number of choices for lunch, ranging from The Barking Frog to The Hollywood Inn or any of the brewpubs listed here.

            I'd then head west through Kirkland to Cafe Juanita for an early dinner before driving along the Lake Washington coast back to the 520 bridge. Unfortunately, the sun sets around 6 or 7:00 in March...

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              March sees the time shift back to Daylight Savings on March 9, so the sunset has a huge swing depending on when the OP's visit takes place.

              The sun will set over Seattle at 5:54 pm March 1, but not until 7:38 on March 31.

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                Thank you so much. I really appreciate the detailed recommendations including scenic driving directions.

        2. If you want to combine your food truck/good beer requirement, see if you can make it to Chuck's Hop Shop

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            Looks promising, they even have a couple of Colorado brews (I'm inclined to like them already).

          2. Mark Ryan has a tasting room. His red wines are big, lush and mouth filling. I don't think his chard's are good, but I do like his viognier. He's also in Woodinville wine country!

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              Thanks for the rec. I love a good viognier.

            2. is a good place to track them down. Unlike some cities, most trucks here don't park or return to the same place more than a day or two a week--the move around a lot. There are parts of town where there are always a several within walking distance (South Lake Union, most of all) but they're pretty well scattered all over town.

              My personal favorites are Grilled Cheese Experience, Jemil's Big Easy, Kaosami Thai, and Marination. I keep hearing great things about Off the Rez, Waffle Wagon, and Cheese Wizards, but they never seem to be where I am.

              1. Vif is a great wine & coffee spot, catering to a more old world palate than many of the local wineries.

                For beer, I like Chuck's Hop Shop, The Beer Junction, Schooner Exact, Epic Ales, and Elysian.

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