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Jan 29, 2014 09:00 AM

B12 and D low natural source's?

Since I began eating mostly vegetarian with days of just vegan meals and after receiving the results of a recent blood test I have become low in both vitamins B12 and D .I will be getting both the B12 and D from the Dr. Now I've also incorporated Brewers Yeast into my diet that I purchase from a Wild by Nature , loose by the lb.Is there a recommended brand as well as natural source for the B12 and D ?

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  1. I recommend reading this excellent website for great nutritional information pertaining to being vegan:

    B12 is a must-have supplement for vegans. B12 can be added to non-dairy milks and nutritional yeast, but it is best to make sure you are getting enough through supplementation

    Vitamin D is also mostly from enhanced foods (non-dairy milks), but also can be found in mushrooms.. and of course, the sunlight. Best to supplement as well.

    I also recommend Becoming Vegan Express or Vegan For Her as required reading before becoming vegan.


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      1. Brewer's yeast doesn't contain B12. Nutritional yeast, however, is typically fortified with B12 (but, check the label to be sure). Also, it's super useful and delicious.

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          Yes of course that's what I do have.Nutritional yeast that I get from a bin in bulk I will check the posted label .I have acquired a taste for it.

        2. I drink the almond milk plus that has 50% daily value for B12, as well as 5g of vegan protein:

          1. This might not be an issue for you, but when I was a vegan, I had a lot of trouble with Brewer's Yeast. Especially if you eat a fair amount of grains or fruit (or any kind of sweets), you might want to consider a different, not yeast-based, source of B vitamins.

            I think including sea vegetables in your diet, especially kombu, wakame and hijiki, is probably the best way to get the nutrients you're missing. In addition to protein, A, C, E, and B's 1, 2, 6 and 12, sea vegetables also contain ergesterol, a substance your body needs to make vitamin D. And, as rmarisco suggests, that's really the best kind of vitamin D, the kind your body makes with sufficient exposure to sunlight.

            The two best sources of seaweed I've found are a guy called Larch Hanson, , and Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, a much bigger producer whose products you can find at most Whole Foods, health food stores and