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Jan 29, 2014 06:41 AM

Wedding Reception in Jersey

I am getting married in March 2015 and am looking for a venue in Jersey for the reception and welcome any recommendations. I'm from Monmouth County but live in NYC so anywhere in Jersey between those two. We expect 120 - 150 people, it will be on a Saturday. We're looking to do a nice cocktail hour with stations, dinner and viennese hour. I know the quality of food and service varies greatly and would appreciate any and all comments from anyone who has had or gone to a wedding. We're looking to keep it the pp under $175.

Thanks everyone,

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  1. My wife and I had been planning and unplanning our wedding for probably 3 years before she got fed up and nailed down a place and venue.

    We had our wedding at the English Mannor in Ocean Township. We couldn't have been happier. Our budget was smaller than yours, and they worked with us, we did our wedding on a Sunday night, and we had planned at relatively short notice (6 months), and they where able to give us a very good price. We had a very extensive cocktail hour, 3 course dinner, and a 5 hour open bar. This was their smallest package. We really didn't need the add-on's like the ice sculpture and dessert table and things like that. Although they of course do offer all of those things. The food was really great and we where very impressed with the quality. We had a chicken dish and a prime rib as entrees. Everyone there had a great time and it was beautiful.

    We had a tasting dinner at the Bridgewater Mannor Probably 3 years ago, and that food was really good. That would have possibly been our second choice, but the venue is more traditional. And as you know, its not just about the food, its the whole package.

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      Went to a very nice wedding at the English Manor, so would also recommend it.

    2. Highlawn Pavillion in West Orange.

      1. We had our reception at the Liberty House in Jersey City. Great views of NYC and the Statue of Liberty.
        We did not do a sit down dinner, just some passed items and various stations and no assigned seating which freaked out my wife's New Jersey family members.
        Not sure of the price but I highly recommend it

        1. I know a guy at the Elks Club in South Plainfield, I can get you in there for under $45.pp, tax and gratuity included, put the rest of that money towards a down-payment on nice a house or an education fund for the future kiddies.

          As I'm sure you are aware the space between Monmouth County and NYC is rather vast, the number of recommendations can be endless.

          Do you want a beach theme, city theme, estate garden theme? Try to narrow down what kind of setting/background you prefer and it would probably make the suggestions more valuable.


            Since I don't have a sense of what you're looking for I'm going by ppp and the size of your guest list.

            I've been to some really unique weddings. My parents and grandparents drew a living from the bridal business. In NJ, rustic/barn/outdoor settings are some of the most beautiful IF your date falls in the right weather months. I highly recommend this back drop if I'm anywhere near what you're looking for. In March, it's hard to predict but these are indoor/outdoor venues.

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              That's funny that the first picture on your page is of bayonet farm. We had a deposit on the Red Barn as part of one of our wedding plans. We where going to go with Food Trucks as the caterer. It turned out to be out of our budget and the coordination was too much for us to handle on our own. So we have an idea to do that for an anniversary party.

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                Last year we attended weddings at The Stockton Inn and Unionville Vineyards. They were both lovely. I do enjoy a natural setting for weddings, outdoors under the stars and/or surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Fortunately, there are more choices than ever.

                Allaire Village still offers a wedding option. One year we attended the ceremony at Allaire and the reception on a chartered boat a few miles from the park. It was hot as hell in late August but the couple's selection of venue was fun.