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What's on your grocery list today?

I've always been a bit of a one-stop-shopper, but I'm trying to get into a little more price and quality hunting. How many times a week do you go grocery shopping? How many stores do you hit in one trip, or in one week? Do you plan meticulously and stick to your list, or head in with just a general idea and grab whatever catches your eye? What is your grocery budget, how many people are you feeding, and where do you live?


My main shopping day is Tuesday, when I hit Kroger while my fiance is in class. We often end up hitting Wal-Mart on Saturday or Sunday, when he realizes he's missing something for next week's lunches. (I'm trying to get away from that as much as possible.)

Besides Kroger, I have a small market where I like to buy my produce, an Asian market, and a little store where I get my spices. I'm going to do scouting runs in Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and The Fresh Market to see if there is anything there I want to incorporate into my shopping routine.

I live in Central Virginia, am feeding two people (one on a diet, and one construction worker who could eat a horse), and have a budget goal of $400 per month.


C'ville Market---- $24.71 (after $5.00 discount)
broccoli heads (2)
No Bull burgers (2)
onions, yellow (3 lb bag)
lemon (2)*
lentils, red*

The Spice Diva---- $9.74 (includes $4.00 for two new spice jars)
chili powder, California
chili pepper flakes

Kroger---- $65.38
fresh basil
peanut oil
oyster sauce
diced tomatoes (6) (Del Monte, .69 per can)
Monster, regular and zero ultra (8) (99 cents a can! couldn't pass it up)
sandwich thins, whole wheat
Parmesan wedge (10 oz, I think)
part-skim mozzarella, shredded
baby Swiss, sliced*
sour cream, reduced fat
paper towels
laundry detergent

Total spent: $99.73

* impulse buys

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  1. <What's on your grocery list today?>

    I was going to say that I don't have a list today because I don't plan to shop today

    <How many times a week do you go grocery shopping?>

    Probably once or twice a week -- leaning much closer to once a week for the cold weather.

    <How many stores do you hit in one trip,>

    At least 2 if not up to 5 or 6, but I am in a different situation than most people. I have been going to local Chinatown for fresh grocery shopping --very fresh produces. Yet, the Chinatown doesn't have a lot of "one-stop for all" stores. There are stores dedicate to only selling vegetables, a few stores dedicate to seafood, couple stores dedicate to meat (pork/beef).... They are all within 3 minutes of walking distance.

    Everything else I buy from typical supermarkets like ShopRite...

    <Do you plan meticulously and stick to your list, or head in with just a general idea and grab whatever catches your eye?>

    Some time I plan ahead when I have a specific dish I want to cook. Most of them (>80%), I just grab whatever look fresh.

    <What is your grocery budget, how many people are you feeding, and where do you live?>

    I don't know. Maybe $30-40 a week on average?

    I am feeding just myself. I live in New Jersey.

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      1. re: HillJ

        I was from California, but I now live in NJ. I still associate myself as a Californian, so maybe you hear more about California from me.

    1. Grocery list today: Nothing - I'm trying to reduce my pantry stockpile at the moment, cooking with what I have instead of buying and cooking what I feel like. So no food purchases today.

      How many times a week do you go grocery shopping? Maybe 4 times a week if you count each time I pop into a shop for something fresh

      How many stores do you hit in one trip, or in one week?
      1 - 3. if I only need a single item, 1. If I'm cooking for a meal I might go to the vegetable shop, the butcher and the wine shop.

      Do you plan meticulously and stick to your list, or head in with just a general idea and grab whatever catches your eye?

      Cooking for myself, it's what catches my eye. Cooking for other people, stick to a list.

      What is your grocery budget, how many people are you feeding, and where do you live?

      £100 a month for most food, laundry, cleaning and bathroom supplies, maybe another £10 a week for additional fresh items. So £150 a month, including wines for the house. I shop at a variety of places, including an asian supermarket, a butcher, a fishmonger and specialist wine shops, but will restock tins/pantry items and bulk supplies by shopping online and having it delivered.

      I live alone, in London, and cook for addiditional people on average twice a week.

      1. (Garlic) bread and perhaps a container of container of mediocre sushi.

        1. I remember a few old threads if you want more ideas, can probably find them in a recent search.

          I shop every day or every other to pick up random items. I do one big trip a week.

          I always make a list but inevitably come home with other things not on the list-I don't hesitate to pick up a good looking cut of meat or vegetables or an interesting condiment or two.

          I spend wat more than most on groceries but that's by choice and I don't spend on other items that many do e.g. going out to eat, alcohol, movies, clothes. I feed two maximum, one often and probably couldn't live on $400 a month.

          I visit 4 stores weekly for particular items I like at each store

          1. I'm still working on my list for the week, and it's longer than normal because of Super Bowl.

            But anyway, I shop once per week for the most part, at King Soopers, which is a Kroger-owned store. I usually shop on Friday or Saturday. Very very occasionally I will go to Sprouts, but it has to be for a very good sale item as it is about 20 minutes away. I also do a trip to Costco every 2 months or so, where I stock up on various things like sodas, some meat (mainly beef), K-cups, and snacks like granola bars. But, that's a separate budget item for me. My last Costco trip was $239.70 but that also included non-food items like some clothes and household items.

            My weekly grocery budget is $50. I've become pretty good at stocking up on things like meats when on sale, while still keeping under the $50. Last week's bill was $49.56, week before was $34.34, before that was $48.55, and before that was $41.74.

            I should also say that my SO travels during the week most weeks, so I'm mainly shopping for 1 for 4-5 days a week. When he doesn't travel, I try to stay under $75/week.

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            1. re: juliejulez

              Here's my list so far for this week though... I'll update with the price after I go. It's divided by "areas" of the store. Since this is for Super Bowl, a lot of this stuff I don't normally buy at the grocery store, like sodas and juices. I'm hoping it'll still be under $100.

              red bell pepper
              red chile
              red onion x2
              broccoli x2
              lemons and limes (for drinks)

              pizza dough
              slider buns
              6-7lb pork roast

              protein bars x5
              4oz can green chiles
              can chipotles

              worcestershire sauce
              liquid smoke
              28oz can crushed tomatoes x2

              parmesan cheese
              pepper jack cheese
              mozzarella cheese
              coffee creamer

              orange juice/sunny delight (for orange beers)
              spicy v8 (for red beers)
              2 liter sodas

              paper plates

              1. re: juliejulez

                Alright just went shopping, this list is for Super Bowl and for all of next week... since I knew I'd be spending money on Super Bowl stuff I did some careful planning to use up mostly things I have for my meals next week.

                Diet Dr Pepper to drink now :)
                Plastic plates
                plastic cups for shots
                2 pork butts totaling about 6.5lbs
                2 liter coke
                2 liter 7-up
                2 liter diet 7-up
                Spicy "vegetable" juice (generic V8)
                Sunny Delight
                Small 8 pk hamburger buns x 4
                Dozen eggs*
                8oz shredded mozzarella
                8oz shredded pepper jack
                Fage Yogurt 7oz*
                Pizza Dough x 2
                28oz can crushed tomatoes x 2
                4oz can diced green chiles
                can chipotle chiles
                Worcestershire sauce
                Liquid Smoke
                Coffee Creamer
                Head Cabbage
                2 broccoli crowns
                2 red onions
                italian parsley
                4 lemons
                8 limes
                bag mini peppers*
                red fresno chile

                Total: $74.49... very pleased!

                Kroger does a thing where you give you a "personal price" digital coupon through your member card on certain items you buy a lot, so I had that for the shredded cheese (hence why I bought that instead of block). Same thing for the coffee creamer. Also a good surprise was they applied a digital coupon I had for their "natural" pork brand, even though I didn't buy that brand... I guess because they don't carry that brand at my store. Saved $1 for each pork roast I bought.

                I bought hamburger buns vs slider buns because they were on sale for $1 for 8. The slider buns were 3.69 for 16.

                I bought eggs on a whim because I'm almost out, so even though I don't have a plan for them right now I always like to have them. The yogurt was also an unplanned purchase because they were out of the flavor of protein bars I like. So my breakfasts next week will be yogurt parfaits instead of the protein bars... already have granola and apples at home I can use. And, the sweet peppers were on sale for $2.50 and I just like to eat them :)

                1. re: juliejulez

                  Not bad for that long of a list! I need to get a new Kroger card.... I never filled out the paperwork on the one I have now, so I can't register it online. I just used all of my fuel points for this month, so I'm at a good breaking point to replace it. I didn't know about the personal price coupons.

                  1. re: Kontxesi

                    Yeah I should have said my store is not a straight Kroger, but it's owned by Kroger but I would assume the coupon programs are the same.. I hate cutting coupons and carrying them around, but they have a pretty good selection of digital ones. I just load up anything I think I might buy, so sometimes it's a surprise at checkout because it automatically takes them off and I don't keep too close of track of what I've loaded up. Also takes out expired ones too. Definitely worth doing!

              2. I do one bigger shop a week and often stop off for fresh veggies twice more during the week, which is only a block away from me.
                Usually i go to 2-4 stores a week.
                I live alone and have a list right now that just says:
                Almond milk
                Salad stuff
                Soy sauce

                I shop by what looks good, what is on sale, and what is on my very short list of what i am running out of.

                I live alone in nyc and groceries can be very expensive, not sure exactly what i spend but its not pretty....i rarely order delivery and eat out once or twice weekends, all other meals i make.

                1. I pretty much shop 1-2 times at a couple stores a week depending on what I need and don't do a big shop on a regular basis. I buy when things are on sale, particularly meat. I have a couple of freezers so I stock up when things are on sale that I want.

                  Most of the time when I do those weekly shopping trips, its to pick up staples like milk, bread, butter, etc. If I want to make something in particular and I don't have what I need or while out I see a bargain, that's what I pick up. I don't usually otherwise make a list.

                  It's two of us to feed; my fiancé does not eat breakfast or lunch home during the week unless he's home from work and I don't eat those meals because I just don't. I might snack after lunch time and then prepare dinner. We have no budget but I'm a bargain shopper and we rarely spend $50.00 a week unless I'm stocking the freezer. Also, every couple of weeks or so, we'll shop for paper items, detergent, personal items, etc. and buy enough to last 2-3 months at a time.

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                  1. re: Cherylptw

                    A couple of freezers? That must be lovely. I remember how excited I was when my mom gave me hers.... Now that one's full and I need another!

                    1. re: Kontxesi

                      Yep, I have an old (and I mean old) heavy duty large deep freezer and a ice cream freezer (Think Blue Bunny like at the convenience store) and I would love to have another freezer but have no place to put it!

                      I forgot to add that I live in NE NC..

                  2. I don't shop at a regular grocery store much, maybe once a month now-maybe- and that is to get a few produce items I can't find elsewhere. I almost never shop during the week. I really don't have time on weekdays.

                    Trader Joes maybe every other month. Mostly for fun stuff, snacks/nuts/soap... whatever looks interesting.

                    I have 3 freezers and a lots of pantry storage and they are well stocked. One chest freezer is for local butchered meats.

                    I shop at an Asian market (produce, condiments, teas, legumes, noodles) a Mexican market (produce, some meats, condiments, beans) and at an Eastern European market (sausages, breads, cheese and other dairy). I usually hit one or two of these markets on a weekend. They are all close together on the same side of the street!

                    I also order off the internet ALOT....and also use Amazon several times per week. Amazon prime gives me free shipping, bulk ordering, and it saves gas money and time...and energy! I love coming home and having what I need at my door. Nice!
                    Yesterday I had a case of dog food, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, my favorite crackers, vitamins, a case of seltzer and a few different jars of tahini...waiting for me. I didn't have to shlep it all home. I am ordering online more and more...from my iPad when relaxing. I am loving it.

                    I shop at local specialty stores sporadically (cheese shop, butcher shop, bakery) mostly on weekends during a fun outing, like for entertainment....after happy hour :)

                    Bevmo for "adult beverages" maybe twice a month.

                    I shop for 2 people, Pacific Northwest, no budget, I always have a list of about 2 or 3 things I need for weekly menu planning, but I shop for whatever produce looks good at the time.

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                    1. re: sedimental

                      I've been eyeballing Amazon some recently, but I never thought about getting dog food from them. That might win me over!

                      1. re: Kontxesi

                        I just looked up the dog food we get for our dogs and it's more expensive on Amazon than at Petsmart or Target... even after you factor in gas to go get it. Might be worth a shot though, I know I use Amazon for all my other pet stuff like puppy pads, toys, etc.

                        1. re: Kontxesi

                          I order both dog and cat food on Amazon. The healthy stuff is half price on Amazon compared to my local regular grocery store. I haven't priced out kitchen and bathroom paper products yet, but that is another bulky thing would like to order by the case and have it waiting for me at home.

                          1. re: sedimental

                            I also order cat food on amazon, at least 1/3 cheaper.

                            1. re: fldhkybnva

                              With my dogs food, the cans are something like 1.10 per can at regular price, amazon case price is like .55 cents, free shipping to my door. No time spent on it and no gas used.
                              Sometimes I stop by Big Lots and stores like that, but you can never count on them having what you need, when you need it. But, I have fun shopping those discount stores sometimes. Entertainment :)

                        2. re: sedimental

                          < I love coming home and having what I need at my door>

                          Nobody else gets there first? We had a lot of problems in my neighborhood this Xmas with the delivery packages. Since I work, I'm a little nervous about ordering a lot of stuff that'll sit on the stoop in plain view.

                          1. re: 512window

                            512window, I had that issue when I lived in Chicago. But now I live in a neighborhood in the middle of nowhere near Denver, it's not an issue.

                            1. re: 512window

                              Wow. That would so never be a problem where I live.

                              I didn't even think about that for others living in a city or a high crime area. But I suppose that could be a real problem!

                              1. re: 512window

                                I will love the day that I can have packages delivered to my house like I could when I lived at home with my parents. Now all packages have to be sent to work because the delivery person will not leave them outside and when you're rarely home during the day a lot of packages eventually get returned. Fortunately, one of my neighbors is a very kind lady who stays home all day and particularly in warm weather when she's outside will gather up packages for the neighborhood. This is Baltimore btw.

                                1. re: 512window

                                  My ex had that problem in Seattle. I ordered some things to have shipped there while I was staying there, and I only ended up with one of the three packages.

                                  1. re: Kontxesi

                                    I bet it is a problem in all cities anymore. That is a shame.

                              2. My list today? A few things that somehow didn't make it on to my list yesterday (when I spent $100 at Meijer)

                                Frozen veggies (corn, green beans, okra)
                                beer (how could I forget beer??????)
                                bbq sauce

                                How much do I spend a week? Usually between $100 and $150. I get a box of fresh organic (and local during the season) fruits and veggies delivered every week, that runs $38.99. I usually also hit two stores most weeks (meijers and kroger). Once every month or two we make a huge Costco run which runs $300 - $500, but that generally includes things other than groceries as well.

                                I'm feeding 5 people, and an elderly St. Bernard. Food is a HUGE part of our budget. But we don't do a lot of luxuries what with 3 small children. ;)

                                Edited to add that I live in mid-Michigan.

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                                1. re: tzurriz

                                  What company do you get that produce box from? I'm the office manager for a similar operation in Virginia.

                                2. I'm clearly doing something wrong, my grocery budget is way higher than those posted here so far.

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                                  1. re: fldhkybnva

                                    It depends on where you live and what you're used to eating! My friend who lives in Alexandria easily spends 50% more than I do on the same stuff.

                                    Also, I don't have to buy much meat. I get whole chickens and various beef and pork cuts for free from work, plus we just came off hunting season. If I was buying meat, I doubt I could keep it under $400 a month.

                                    1. re: Kontxesi

                                      I think it's the meat. I pretty much only eat carbs from vegetables so most of my shopping is meat and a ton of vegetables which adds up really quickly. Oh yea, you're lucky with all of your hunting eats. I am quite jealous. It's not really an issue as I allocate money to groceries over other luxuries that I don't really need but just wondering.

                                      1. re: Kontxesi

                                        I also have a hunter in the house so love the "free" meat from hunting season. In about a month, I'll be starting to get my garden in shape and starting transplants so in late spring and summer, my spending bill will be less, not counting the seeds, etc. I suppose I should have counted these variables...

                                        1. re: Cherylptw

                                          I hope I can get up the energy to get my garden planted on time. I want to put out broccoli, snap peas, onions, and cabbage soon....

                                      2. re: fldhkybnva

                                        fldhky, I think your large meat portions and the fact you buy "happier" meats are why your budget is larger. I know my meat portions are usually limited to 4-6oz per serving and I do not buy organic etc (wish I could!). No way could I stick to my budget if I ate larger portions or bought organic/grass fed etc.

                                          1. re: juliejulez

                                            Indeed. The meat I'm getting from work is pasture-raised/grass-fed/forest-raised local stuff. There's absolutely no way I could afford that if I were buying at the store. When the company shuts down, I'll be back to eating unhappy animals. :(

                                        1. Not going shopping today. Usually do it once, maybe twice a week.

                                          But every Sunday my shopping list is basically the same stuff:

                                          gallon of milk
                                          1 small bag of flour and 1 small bag of durum wheat
                                          various seasonal fruits
                                          cheeses: mozzarella, pecorino, or other
                                          a couple bottles of wine
                                          maybe some sausages if they're fresh

                                          I don't buy much meat. If it's on sale and a good deal, then I will consider purchasing some. But most of my meals are based on what's currently growing out in the garden or whatever I can catch when fishing/swimming off the local cliffs (urchin, mussels, periwinkles/sea snails, fish, etc).

                                          1. on my list today:
                                            tortilla chips (already have avocados for super bowl guac)
                                            Diet Coke (for two weeks)
                                            Chicken Thighs
                                            Sour Cream
                                            Dry onion soup mix
                                            rotisserie chicken
                                            1 green apple

                                            I shop for one; live in Southern California; usually shop once a week; Stater Bros., Costco, Trader Joes.

                                            I have a loose "plan" and go with what I see or looks good. Specific ingredients when I am preparing a particular recipe. I don't have a lot of storage space, so I tend to only have what is necessary on hand.

                                            1. NJ, $500/month (down from $800.00) for 2, sometimes 3 people. Plus stops for 3 dogs, a bird, an aquarium and the local food pantry.

                                              I shop every day. I check the mailers, online coupons and the NJ price lists online each Sunday for the following week. I check product sites and use discount cards if I have them. I barter and partner with a group of neighbors on bulk buys and we split the costs. I shop big mega mall grocery chains, wholesalers, small biz owners, ethnic markets, discounters, pick your own farms in season, vineyards, coffee roasters and convenience stores for specials each week.

                                              My list changes constantly based entirely on what I can buy for a good value. I don't skimp but I don't enjoy overpaying. So food shopping is a bit of a weekly game plan for me.

                                              Today I purchased Greek yogurt, navel oranges, bananas, bibb lettuce, fresh ginger and ground veal. Shop Rite, $24.00

                                              1. Today I made a Trader Joe's run during my lunch hour. I never have an actual list when I go there because, well, I just don't. Actually, they were out of a lot of things because of the snow storm that hit Atlanta and they haven't received any deliveries since. I usually specifically go for something like olive oil or in today's case, chia seeds and that mushroom truffle flatbread.

                                                I keep a running store list of things I need and usually go to the store once a week. My job has some kooky hours and unexpected events so I can't always plan on being able to go to the store on a week night. Anyway, it's just me and I've really been wrestling with my food budget. I think I spend too much for one person. I've been working on a food budget and I always go over. It's tough! I'm also working on using up items in my pantry. I've been scouring the internet for tips on how to stick to a food budget. You know, other than just don't spend so much. Ha.

                                                1. I went searching for a bag of chips today, and admit that I am quite entertained at "health food stores." Case in point: pomegranate potato chips.

                                                  Not bad.

                                                  1. We keep a list of staples like nut butters, dairy products, crackers, canned tuna, but otherwise we just go and see what is good.
                                                    We do a large shop at our coop once every ten days or so, but daily visit either the fishmonger or a very local store for vegetables. We also visit the farmers market weekly in summer or every other week in winter; this is where most of our meat and cheese comes from.
                                                    I have no idea what we spend on food; we really want to have good food in the house at all times, which curtails our eating out, which is even more expensive.

                                                    We have a nice sized freezer so we do keep a lot of meat there, as well as lots of frozen home grown or farmers market vegetables from summer. And berries too, lots of berries.

                                                    1. Hey I'm going to add this week's list... I think it's fun to see what other people buy :)

                                                      Kroger Black Cherry Sparkling Water x2
                                                      Lysol toilet cleaner
                                                      Dole Pineapple Tidbits in Juice x2
                                                      Muir Glen Tomato Paste*
                                                      Muir Glen Tomato Sauce
                                                      Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes x2*
                                                      Fage Yogurt 17.6 oz x2* (bought 2 instead of 1 since they were on sale 2/$5... normally 3.99 a piece)
                                                      Kroger 8oz pre-shredded parmesan cheese
                                                      Kroger 8oz block Mozzarella cheese
                                                      DeLallo Polenta
                                                      Cascadian Farms Organic Cinnamon Raisin Granola**
                                                      Bag O' Yellow Onions (2-3lbs I think?)
                                                      2.5lbs of Organic Fuji Applies (this is one thing I splurge on)
                                                      King Soopers white sandwich bread
                                                      "Snack Size" 12 count flour tortillas
                                                      5lb bag russet potatoes
                                                      "Poultry Mix" fresh herbs** (includes rosemary, thyme, and sage, I like buying the mix because it has smaller quantities of each one so it's more likely to get used up)
                                                      Organic Flat Leaf Parsley
                                                      Bagged Rainbow Slaw

                                                      Total $48.83

                                                      * items are ones that were not on my list, but I bought because I saw they were on sale

                                                      ** items are ones I had a coupon for

                                                      I also did a Costco trip earlier this week where I bought a 3lb bag of fresh broccoli florets, 2.25lb bag of asparagus, and a package of 6 red bell peppers, so no need to buy a lot of produce at the grocery this week.

                                                      SO is actually home the rest of the month instead of traveling so I'll be spending more than normal.

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                                                      1. re: juliejulez

                                                        I like the poultry mix, too. I never seem to use up the sage, though. I should make that a priority next time.

                                                      2. Case of water
                                                        Sprite Zero (2L)
                                                        burritos/breakfast burritos (12)
                                                        organic carrot chips, 16 oz bag
                                                        red grapes*
                                                        flour tortillas
                                                        Swanson's beef broth, 32 oz (2)

                                                        Total: $44.20

                                                        I wasn't feeling very inspired this week. I roasted a chicken on Wednesday, but haven't cooked much other than that.

                                                        1. Case of water
                                                          generic Crystal Light

                                                          Ritz crackers*
                                                          FiberOne bars
                                                          naan, 1 garlic, 1 original
                                                          whole wheat sandwich thins

                                                          peanut butter

                                                          Italian sausage, 2 lbs
                                                          bacon, 2 12-oz packs

                                                          broccoli slaw
                                                          baby spring mix


                                                          Total: $59.99

                                                          *Impulse buy

                                                          On my list but didn't get:
                                                          boneless pork loin (out)
                                                          mandarin oranges (out)
                                                          avocados (out)
                                                          asparagus (too expensive)
                                                          chicken broth (too expensive)

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                                                          1. re: Kontxesi

                                                            Ugh. It seems like maybe I should have picked up some cold and sinus meds.... It's amazing how fast one goes from fine to wishing to be dead.

                                                          2. I'll be embarrassed but I like this game. I do a big shopping trip every 7 or 10 days, pick up fresh veggies in between but what's listed below usually lasts that long.

                                                            Trader Joe's
                                                            Chicken broth x 2
                                                            Cheese - sliced Raclette, Cheddar, Gouda
                                                            Tuscan Kale 10 oz
                                                            Swiss Chard 10 oz
                                                            Broccoli (3 heads)
                                                            Reduced Guilt Guacamole
                                                            Frozen Ahi tuna
                                                            Frozen Tilapia
                                                            Ground turkey breast
                                                            Turkey tenderloins
                                                            Spicy Italian chicken sausage
                                                            Garlic stuffed olives (treat)
                                                            Salsa verde
                                                            Roasted garlic salsa

                                                            Total: $70

                                                            Iceberg lettuce
                                                            Egg whites x 4
                                                            Whole crimini mushrooms 24 oz x 3
                                                            Curly kale 16 oz
                                                            Garlic (4 heads)
                                                            Cholula hot sauce 12 oz
                                                            Diet coke (1 case)
                                                            Apple cider vinegar (1 liter)
                                                            Chicken thighs 2 lbs
                                                            Cheese Caramelized onion cheddar
                                                            Various poultry parts (for stock)
                                                            Onion powder
                                                            Siggi's yogurt x 6

                                                            Total: $130 (including about 12 lbs poultry parts)

                                                            H Mart
                                                            4 lbs chicken necks
                                                            4 lbs chicken feet
                                                            Maggi seasoning

                                                            Total: $20

                                                            1. Today 'twas a combo of Trader Joe's and a street fruit vendor:

                                                              -semi sweet chocolate chunks
                                                              -super...(can't recall the name, sad) green juice
                                                              -everything crackers
                                                              -chipotle hummus

                                                              -two navel oranges

                                                              1. I'm a Manhattanite with roommates whom I sometimes feed, as well as frequent visitors, so I suppose I'm shopping for about 2 people a week. The space limitations of my refrigerator and cabinets have me shopping nearly everyday and admittedly I am often frustrated by the unnavigably congested aisles or long lines that plague Manhattan grocery shopping and will sometimes make a desperate bee-line for checkout without everything on my list. Because I cook a lot of Middle Eastern and Asian food, I make trips once a week to those markets for produce and dry goods as well as a monthly trip to Costco for larger purchases. In total, I try to cap my grocery bills at $250/month.

                                                                Today's grocery list is: Thai green eggplants, green chilies, bamboo, bean sprouts, cilantro, mint, shallots, cardamom, anchovies, cranberry juice and bourbon.

                                                                2 Replies
                                                                1. re: JungMann

                                                                  What's your favorite destination for middle eastern groceries? I hate schlepping to Sahadi's.....

                                                                  Love the bourbon on your groceries list (storm essential? ;)

                                                                  1. re: Ttrockwood

                                                                    Bourbon is a life essential.

                                                                    I make the trip from the UES to Damascus often enough that they know me there and ask where I've been if more than a couple weeks go by. But Sahadi's is really the only choice for comprehensive shopping, though it doesn't compare to the local shops where I'm from. Our nearest store had a whole freezer section dedicated just to kibbeh.

                                                                2. I got a little carried away today....

                                                                  boneless pork chops
                                                                  bone-in pork chop value pack*
                                                                  pork spare ribs*

                                                                  Greek yogurt
                                                                  salted butter
                                                                  unsalted butter

                                                                  avocados (4)

                                                                  Monster (3) *
                                                                  Monster zero ultra (6) *
                                                                  case of water

                                                                  dog food

                                                                  Total: $94.49
                                                                  * Impulse buys

                                                                  My impulse buys were almost half ($42.46) of my bill. :/ Oof.

                                                                  3 Replies
                                                                  1. re: Kontxesi

                                                                    I hate those days. I'm off to run my weekly errands tomorrow and I fear a lot of impulse buys. I'm on vacation and somehow that means I put random things in my cart in the name of spreading my wings. And, double points for the Monster :) Tomorrow is another day.

                                                                    1. re: fldhkybnva

                                                                      I think part of my problem is my brother is coming home next week. I haven't seen him (except for four Skype chats) in two years and he will be moving in with me. I think I was trying to make sure I had fun things - like ribs - to fix for him when he gets here. :)

                                                                      1. re: Kontxesi

                                                                        Definitely, that makes sense. Most of the guests that come to stay over eat completely different foods than I do so I have to always feel like I'm stocking two households worth of food.