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Jan 28, 2014 09:18 PM

Large margarita

I'm going to Houston next week for work. Specifically, northwest Houston, near Sam Houston Parkway & I-10 (sorry if these are embarrasingly wrong, I don't know the local names). I'd like to find some good Tex-Mex food with a big margarita. I don't know why, but I would love to have a giant margarita while in Texas. An absurdly large margarita in a fishbowl sized glass. They used to have these when I lived in Arizona. Anyway, I'm older now and have a certain degree of quality standards so I want to find the BEST giant maragrita with delicious Tex-Mex food, as much as those can be found at the same restaurant. Any reccomendations?

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  1. If you are at the Sam Houston Tollway (aka Beltway 8) and I-10 in west Houston, there are lots of Tex-Mex places around, and all will have decent size margs, though I haven't seen those giant ones in years anywhere. May be one at Chuy's farther west on I-10, but the food at that franchise is really bad, which makes me wonder why it is always packed. The original Chuy's on Westheimer is recommended. They do have a normal sized marg called a "dot" that I like, has a "dot" of frozen sangria in the middle. In that area, there's also Guadalajara (okay), Los Tios (very pedestrian), Cyclone Anayas at the City Centre complex at that intersection (above average), Cazadores (beloved by locals), Escalante's (above average and good margs), La Fiesta (average), the original Lupe Tortilla on I-10 but hidden from view in a little enclave housing several free standing restaurants and bars is very good, avoid any of the franchises), La Hacienda (don't even think about it). Alicia's Mexican Grille has an impressive array of margs, but they are quite a bit further down I-10 in Katy. There are many more! Houstonians love Tex-Mex!

    Just my opinions, of course! Let us know what you found.

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      I was never a fan of giant margaritas, I found them to be watered down a bit, preferring simple, but good ingredients and fresh lime juice. You pretty much covered the area, but I must say I am no fan of Cazadore's, being a favorite of some co workers I've been quite a few times and never found anything that was even average. You left out the wildly popular Pappasito's. They've changed the menu a lot as I haven't been in a while. Most of the stuff they call Tex-Mex is not the classic Tex-Mex. Stick with grilled items. A thought, I bet some of the bartenders would beg willing to make a giant margarita.