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Jan 28, 2014 09:04 PM

Staying at Westin North shore

What's a great meal nearby. It could be pizza, or Italian or something that stays open late and is not fancy

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  1. Saranello's in the hotel is really good for dinner, the breakfast and lunch seem overpriced. Great service and really nice food. Best bargain in the North Shore is the kids pizza.

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    1. Nothing stays open late around here! We actually really like the pistachio whitefish at Saranellos.

      1. Right in front of the hotel (sharing its parking lot) is Cooper's Hawk Winery, which is a restaurant. (They have several locations; the winery itself, where they bottle the wines, is in the southwest suburbs.) The food is consistently excellent, everything from the seafood to the steaks and the salads. If you enjoy wine, many of their wines are very good. They have a tasting room at the entrance where you can try all their wines for free. And the markups on the wine list in the restaurant are much lower than is common elsewhere. Open for lunch and dinner, open till 9:30 weekdays 10 weekends. Warning, they get very busy during dinner hours, even on weekdays; I recommend making reservations if you can.

        For pizza, go two miles west on Lake-Cook Road to Lou Malnati's at 85 S. Buffalo Grove Road in Buffalo Grove, for Chicago's best deep-dish. Open till 10 weekdays, 11 weekends. Phone ahead with your pizza order to avoid waiting 30-45 minutes while seated for your pizza to bake.

        For Italian, Buca di Beppo is across the street from the hotel, open till 10 weekdays, 11 weekends.

        If that's not late enough for you, Ram Restaurant & Brewery is a brewpub type place also across the street from the hotel, and is open till 1 weekdays, 2 weekends.

        Also sharing the hotel's parking lot (but not right in front) is Twin Peaks, a Hooters-like sports bar. Haven't been there, not my thing. Open till 12 weekdays, 1 weekends.

        With the exception of Lou Malnati's, you can walk to all of these places in two minutes or less, no need to move your car (if you have one there).