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Jan 28, 2014 08:18 PM

Tea Made by Samovar?

re:Subject line those of us who enjoy Samovar-made Tea know that the proper term would be something like 'Tea made by means of a Samovar' -but no matter.

These days I can only think of Anatolia's Gate as having a Samovar to serve Tea does anyone know of anywhere else?

I know Iranians love Samovar Tea but since I rarely eat their food I'm unfamiliar with that scene.


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  1. Hello SS - can you show me more about what Samovar tea is?

    i was curious - as i do prefer tea to coffee so it caught my interest

    we are often on the North Shore - Lonsdale - so I googled - and came up with the rental place for tea samovars ---- here are photos of what they call samovars

    how does the tea taste differently?

    is it a diff tea to start with? (ie loose leaf black etc etc


    how is it made differently (than ... say - to start out very bluntly - put the red rose in the tea pot and add the boiling water and let it sit all day ; ) ..... or better yet, save the tea bag ---- our grands came by that honestly enuf i'm sure.

    thank you

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      The reason I said 'made by means of' a Samovar is because what's produced is a concentrate and hot water is added to produce Tea of the desired strength-the concentrate can sit for hours and doesn't become that much more concentrated over time (if you know what you're doing that is).

      It's just a fun way to pass some time the Tea itself isn't anything special usually it's something commonplace like a Turkish blend or Iranian style Cardamon infused mix-I think of it as Iranian but I think most of it is produced in India at least I bought it in an Indian store before Persia Foods opened here in Kits.

      The units on that rental site are meant for large groups-a cool idea for teetotal parties.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        hello and thank you for your detailed explanation - I am not sure I tee-totally understand (just had to say that) why one would make a concentrate - but maybe that's another thread and / or board here.

        I think it's likely best that I just have to experience it - maybe somewhere on Lonsdale ----- or I know the lady at Anatolia Express downtown so i can ask her one day.

    2. Working in Iran, I used to find and restore antique Russian samovars as a hobby.

      One could go into any Souk or Bazaar and find vendors selling brass items, including Samovars. The majority were in working condition, only requiring a polish with Brasso or Flitz to bring out the shine, and repairing a handle or two.

      Some were quite old, 1806 stamped on one, and unlike the modern electric models, the antiques were all charcoal fueled. Iranian or Persian tea making and drinking is quite different than Russian tea using a Samovar.