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Jan 28, 2014 07:59 PM

Visit to Vancouver--itinerary feedback

My husband and I are coming up to a visit to Vancouver at the beginning of February, and I'm trying to finalize our itinerary. Any feedback or suggestions would be welcome.

Places we're considering visiting for the Hot Chocolate Festival: Bella Gelateria, Cocoanymph, Thomas Haas, Schokolade, Koko Monk, Bel Cafe, Beaucoup Bakery, French Made Baking.

Old favorites we're thinking about visiting again: HK BBQ Master, Kingyo, Zakkushi, Octopus Garden, Meat & Bread, Peaceful, Crystal Mall food court, Phnom Penh, Santouka Ramen, Damso.

New places we're considering adding: Alvin Garden, Pidgin, Chicha.

We're generally looking for places where we can get different/better food than in Seattle. We prefer Asian food/flavors but are open to really great places that aren't Asian.

Any new places we should be adding to the list? We'll have a car, so distance/location isn't an issue. Thanks in advance.

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  1. On Chinese and Japanese we slam dunk Seattle, but I'm not sure on what other cuisines we give The Emerald City the three-count.

    At any rate, the new Fish Counter (Robert Clark) is garnering a lot of good vibes:

    What about the two "Little Koreas" (lower Robson; Lougheed Mall - Burnaby/Coquitlam) ? Dunno how our Korean fare compares to Seattle, but it can't be all that bad. A meal I had at Sura last summer was good:

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      Which restaurants epitomize Vancouver's 'slam dunk' of Chinese and Japanese quisine? Kirin? Tojo's/OG?

      Please and thank-you!

    2. Back from the trip--we didn't get to try as many new places as we wanted, but did hit a few new-to-us places.

      Koko Monk--really good festival flavor of curry and coconut hot chocolate. I thought the curry and coconut were subtle but definitely there, and added something positive to the mix.

      Baoguette and Cafe Phin. We were staying in the West End and decided to do a Denman Street banh mi crawl. We tried the pork belly banh mi from Cafe Phin and the nem nuong (pork patties) banh mi. Both were quite tasty--good bread, veggies, and meat.

      Best meal at an old favorite was probably at Ramen Santouka. The toroniku was amazing, with that sort of melty sensation that I get with really good nigiri.

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        "with that sort of melty sensation that I get with really good nigiri" -- you nailed it, cg! Glad you had some enjoyable eats. It hadn't occurred to me to do banh mi downtown, that's creative...