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Jan 28, 2014 06:39 PM

Lunch at Downtown Disney in FL?

Hi all

Looking for a decent place for lunch in DTD. We will be with our 2 kids. Any chow-ish spots?

Raglan Road or Earl of a Sandwich? Have never eaten at Wolfgang Puck but heard food quality went downhill.


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  1. I've always liked the food at Raglan Road, but haven't been there in a long time. That would be my pick.

    1. Can't add much...Raglan & the Earl are my two favorites at DTD.

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        1. re: Sandwich_Sister

          Both great. Raglan Road has the best iced tea, btw. The brownie sandwiches at Earl are incredible. I think there are also a couple new food trucks. One does hand dipped corn dogs...

        1. Wolfgang Puck Express is actually pretty good, I like the Pizzas, salads, turkey sandwich and roasted chicken. They also have sushi I believe.

          1. I liked the fish and chips place and Earl of Sandwich.