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Jan 28, 2014 06:30 PM

Suggestions for private birthday party - Westchester, Putnam, or Fairfield, CT

Looking for a restaurant to host a private 40th birthday party. Good beer list, modest pricing, and family friendly is a plus. Mexican and Vietnamese are always favorites. Hoping to find something in Westchester, Putnam, or Fairfield county. Any suggestions for a restaurant that can host 24-36 or that has a private room would be great. Thanks to all. =)

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  1. For Fairfield County, you'll want to post separately on the Southern New England board.

    1. Las Mananitas in Brewster. Right at the end of 684. Beautiful place, Food is nice. Price are fair. Went to two parties there as well as having dined there beforeand the service and food never dissapoint.. Luis and his wife are excellent hosts. They started at a small place not to far from there called Fiesta Mexicana which they still own. We have been fans for years.

      1. I would reach out to the Tap House in Tuckahoe. They do a wonderful job, have a great private room that you access thru the kitchen ( a la Goodfellas) and it's a menu with broad appeal.