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Jan 28, 2014 06:05 PM

Chicken wings for Super Bowl party in West Essex county?

Where can I buy good ones "to go?"

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  1. Sharkey's in Clifton.

    Hooters by Willowbrook Mall ....

    Egan and Sons in Montclair.....

    EuroRill in West Caldwell

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    1. +3 for Egans.

      Not sure how many you're having, but Fairway's are pretty good. They were sampling many of their SB menu items the other day in Woodland Park.

      1. Not exactly West Essex: Cluck U in So. Orange or Parsippany?

        1. We wound up at Buffalo Wild Wings at Parsippany. They did a good job with the wings. Their staff was bailed out by one outstanding employee surrounded by a sea of incompetents.

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            I got mine from the Cars late night (or mid afternoon) delivery place in Montclair. We did BBQ, Medium Buffalo, and Thai Chili - all very good

              1. re: scarlet knight

                West side of Valley Road @ Van Vleck - small strip mall with the bagel store and Enzos