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Jan 28, 2014 04:30 PM

Twist or Le Cirque???

Help, Quick!
I just canceled my reservation at Twist and made a reservation at Le Cirque. Did I make a mistake??
Leaving for Las Vegas in the morning!
Reservations this week: Jaleo, Picasso, Bartoletta, and Andrea's. Plus planning to do Bacchanal and Lotus of Siam without reservations.

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  1. Yes. You made a mistake.
    Would cancel Picasso or Andrea's and do Twist and Le Cirque, instead, but if only Le Cirque vs. Twist, Twist hands down.

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    1. re: uhockey

      That's what I'm thinking. My husband really wants to do Picasso. I'm torn. Is Le Cirque even worth it if I cancel Picasso? Andrea's was kind of a desperation move assuming we can't make it to Lotus without a reservation.

      1. re: jilkat25

        I would definitely cancel Picasso in favor of Le Cirque.

        1. re: ellenost

          Agree with Ellen, Picasso is not even close to the level of Le Cirque. You go if you love the artist, not if you love truly refined cuisine and world class service.

        2. re: jilkat25

          Picasso will always hold a special place in my heart. It can be argued that it was one of the first "celebrity" flagship high end casino restaurants in Vegas. One can argue that they have not changed their menu since they opened. But it is still very good, sometimes excellent food.

          It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Las Vegas, bar none. I don't LOVE Picasso the artist but dining amongst original Picasso pieces with service that is, at times, the best in the city ( and when it's not one of the best it is NEVER far off) it is a pleasure and when taking in where you are, it is certainly surreal.

          Picasso is not Guy Savoy nor is it Joel Robuchon (it is also half the price). To say it's far inferior to Le Cirque would be like saying you can get better sushi in Las Vegas than you can get in NYC, LA and other cities.

      2. I added Twist back on, cancelled Jaleo, added lunch at Estiatorio Milos.

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        1. must respectfully disagree with ellnost and uhockey (and I am a big fan of both of them) this time: last summer I ate at Picasso and le cirque. both were great, and I would be happy to go to both every year just to see which one is better. if I had to pick one, I would toss a coin.

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          1. re: raider

            Glad to know that Picasso has improved. I had dined at Picasso about 12 years ago, and wasn't thrilled with it (also didn't like that I was seated in some back alcove so I didn't have much of a view). Every year when I return to the Bellagio, I stop and check out the menu for Picasso, and neither of Picasso's menus has "wowed" me.

            1. re: ellenost

              the food and service are excellent, and its hard to beat dining out on the terrace, watching the fountains. and they make an excellent manhattan.

              1. re: raider

                Which is why being seated in the back alcove made for a disappointing experience. I should have rejected the table (nowadays I would have rejected the table).