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Starting a Baking Club

I am interested in starting a baking club in my area with the goal of sharing my interest with others of similar inclinations.

I have posted a notice on Craigslist to attract potential members and have received responses from interested parties.

What's next? Any ideas regarding structure, activities, venues, etc.?

I'm pretty sure I should have put more advance thinking into this!

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  1. What a great idea! I wish I had been a part of something like that when I was younger. I used to be a fearless baker.

    I'd post your idea in the local CH forum. At least give that some thought. Does your local cooking store have a bulletin board, actual or virtual?

    Good luck! I imagine this will be a great experience.

    1. Remember the first rule of baking club....

      1. Good for you, sanylc.
        How large a club? How often will you meet? Where will you meet? Will the clubs have a theme? Do you show up with your own baking kit and bake together? Do you bake at home and then get together to discuss the recipe? Do you pick cookbooks or your own tried and true? Are you looking for beginners? Advanced bakers?

        Just off the top of my noggin.

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        1. great idea... our town (austin) has a website called MEETUPS I think it is a nation wide thing that people looking to start groups of like minded people... my parents found a few dining groups this way...and my teacher found a knitting group this way-----

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          1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/...

            In this example the members figured out a unique club option.

            1. I've never started one, but you might want to look into creating your group on meetup.org... might attract more members, and it'll make it easier to plan events.

              1. Cool idea!

                I'd be inclined to join a group where you'd bake at home, and then come together, share creations, and swap recipes.

                For the first one, I'd suggest baking your favorite dessert... and then from there have theme nights - like - Cookies, or pies, etc... and then people can bake their variations of that subject and benefit from the group's baking.

                The big question to me would be where to meet. And, what time and frequency... That always seems to be the challenge with most people! Monthly sounds a bit right.

                If you wanted to throw in different activities, attending a cooking demonstrations somewhere, or going to a restaurant to sample all their desserts, might be fun activities, once your core group is established!

                1. Not to be a downer, but I'd meet in a public spot the first time or 2 just to suss out potential murderers. I think most murderers aren't gonna commit to the legwork required to sustain an in depth conversation about tiramisu.

                  That said, sounds like fun! A monthly Saturday afternoon of baking with others sounds heavenly.

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                    Even without the potential danger of meeting strangers, having the right personality mix is often the make or break of a club lasting. Suggesting the OP meet potential club members in a relaxing, public space is excellent advice. It took our book club 3 months to work out minor kinks like meetup times and schedules and a full year to work out all the personalities that came up in deciding what book to read and so on.

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                      Yes, the right people will make or break this. My book club is about a year in and we've become friends, which is pretty cool. It's tough to meet people as an adult. The first couple months were a bit awkward, though. We all knew at least one other person in the group and that was helpful. I think doing this with complete strangers might be tricky but I applaud the OP for giving it a shot.

                  2. I used to belong to this: http://spbc.info/ Might offer some inspiration.

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                      I have heard of that club. It's affiliated with the St. Agnes Bakery, right?

                      What worked, what didn't, would you say?