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Crab Cakes

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Where's your favorite ?

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    1. Fishing With Dynamite the best one around.

      1. Kate Mantilini and The Ivy - both made with lots of crab and little filler

        1. I can't wait to try FWD's crab cake. Been wanting to go there ever since it opened and haven't yet. Would you agree that crab cakes are one of those handful of dishes that more often than not disappoints? So good when executed well, but so frequently executed poorly. New England clam chowder may be another such dish. And the notion of such oft-disappointing dishes could probably be the subject of a whole 'nother thread.

          1. I like jumbo lump crab cakes with little filler - The Grill on the Alley is the best local one I have had. Also have liked the ones at Napa Valley Grille, The Palm, Westside Tavern, BP Oysterette. I liked the flavor of the one at FWD but thought it had too much breading.

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              +1, the Grill on the Alley
              for me, a major criterion is that the cake's primary, most forward flavor should NOT be the flavor of deep-fat-frying.
              the CRAB flavor and texture should not be overwhelmed by breading, frying, or any other component of the dish.

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                It's settled.

                That and a slab of te grills cheesecake will do quite nicely.

            2. I wonder if Fishing With Dynamite has a fast-food outlet?
              It would be FAST FWD, wouldn't it?

              1. If they haven't changed I've always found the jumbo lump crab cakes at Arnie Morton's top notch. Just barely enough filler to keep the whole cake from deconstructing and sweet, delicious crab.

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                  I love Morton's crab cake! I've had the crab cake at FWD, and I think I'd still have to go with Morton's.

                2. While it's been a few years since I imparted last, I like the ones at Traxx in Union Station. Maybe not classics but significantly fit t'eat.

                  1. Shunji's might just be the best, surprisingly enough. Also very minimal filler.

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                      I've seen it on the menu but haven't tried it yet.

                      Still gotta figure out a way to grab that Truffle Gohan.

                    2. Sue Ann's American Kitchen in Placentia.The chef/owner, Gillian Clark, came here from MD and makes great crab cakes.


                      1450 N Kraemer Blvd
                      Placentia, California 92870
                      (714) 961-1377