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Jan 28, 2014 02:21 PM

Gluten-Free Trader Joe's

What is good that is gluten-free at Trader Joe's? I know they have the guide online, but I am only interested in the products that are actually 'good' and/or worth the price (and in the past I haven't needed to buy only gluten-free.. so I'm a bit lost).

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  1. I am not gf but my sister is and i've tried a lot of terrible gf foods!
    At TJ's just avoid the gf breads and Udi's bagels. Bleh. The corn tortillas are good.
    I really really love barbara's multigrain puffins cereal- i always have a box around. Not sure if the original is also gf but those are good too.
    The latin black bean soup (in a box) is pretty good, as is the can of organic vegetarian chili. The nut butters are all gf, i like the almond butter. The pesto genovese and thai curry sauces are good.
    The corn pasta is pretty good! does not reheat well, so not good for leftovers.
    The quinoa and polenta are things i buy often. I love all of their hummus varieties.

    My sister has found success with focusing on naturally gf foods vs weird fake foods like gf cookies or pastas. She now eats more polenta, rice, quinoa, and will use almond flour or coconut flour for baking once in a while.

    1. I volunteer-assist a multiply-handicapped lady who has to eat GF. She had never tried polenta but liked the TJ polenta with a tomato sauce I made to go with it. The frozen GF pancakes were improved with the addition of hot strawberry sauce---a bag of TJ frozen strawberries ( $1.69, a steal) heated with sugar and thickened with cornstarch. The almond meal makes good breading in lieu of crumbs.

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        their almond meal is fabulous, and really cheap.

      2. TJ's GF Chocolate chip cookies are THE BOMB! I suggest them to people who don't eat GF, they are that good!
        I thought the GF brownie mix was pretty good. I added a little espresso powder and chocolate chips.
        The GF pizza in the frozen section isn't bad, my daughter loves it.
        Udi's bread, but only if you toast it. I think it's awful untoasted, but I haven't found a GF bread that isn't awful unless its toasted!
        The GF pasta is ok, I like the DeLollo brand (I buy it at Sprouts) a lot better. Most of the time I just zucchini instead of pasta anyway (spiral cut as spaghetti and sliced thin for lasagna)

        1. They have really good GF chocolate cupcakes in the DC area TJs. I also agree that the GF chocolate chip cookies are good.

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            Maybe I could have the cookies for Valentine's.. are these in the bakery section or near the other cookies (above the frozen food)?

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              They are in the section above the frozen foods. I would take a photo of them, but they don't last long in our house!... Next time I'm at TJs I'll snap one. The package is the open at the top and fold down to reclose bag like package. Its yellow with a picture of a chocolate chip cookie on the front.

          2. TJ's GF stuff is 'way cheaper than anything I have seen at the chain stores. For a GF friend I have bought polenta at TJ for around $1. 50---saw the same thing at another store for $ 4.79. She liked the GF corn-based pasta ($1. 39). The GF frozen pancakes ( $2.99) were, eh, but we improved them with a hot strawberry sauce (a bag of TJ frozen strawberries, sugar, water, cornstarch). The almond meal is versatile and useful in GF cooking.