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Jan 28, 2014 02:17 PM

Where would you take your NON - Foodie friends this weekend?

Help! I'm overwhelmed and need some direction. I'm coming into the city to visit my daughters and see a show this weekend. My challenge is that one of my daughters is not adventurous at all and thinks just about everything interesting is pretentious and I really do not want to spend a lot on meals that will not be appreciated. At the same time I don't want to sacrifice the opportunity to enjoy some great food. So, I'm hoping to find something for a pre-theater dinner, light lunch on Saturday and dinner on Saturday night preferably on the west side,avoiding heavy seafood, Indian and purely Italian, for about $25-50 pp (not including drinks and tip). Hopefully places that won't have insane lines and sweaters and jeans are acceptable attire. I don't even know where to begin.

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  1. Relax. No reason to stress. Which type of cuisines would YOU yourself like to enjoy?

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      Thanks! Myself...... I'm wide open. My ideal meal is "simply" one that is freshly prepared with mindfulness and is paired with a great beer or wine.

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        Landmarc at the Time Warner Center is a good option for non-foodies.

    2. Maybe not the best place but still great food and good atmosphere is Pio Pio in Hells Kitchen. Definitely good for larger groups. Also you can't go wrong by selecting any of the many many Thai places they have in Hells Kitchen.


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        what is with that Pio Pio? it's gorgeous, all things considered.

      2. la bonne soupe, i think is a good place if you want simple food. or you can go to Don Antonio for great pizza...i mean, i don't know anyone who doesn't like good pizza.

        1. How about Gotham West Market. You have a plethora of dishes between 6 vendors including Ivan Ramen and El Colmado (Tertulia team). Nothing pretentious here

          1. look at Marseille. they have something for everyone.