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Jan 28, 2014 01:54 PM

Queens Organic butcher


Does anybody know of a good queens-based butcher that sells organic whole chickens and grass-fed beef during season? I know of only one - metro meats and their selection is not great at times. I'm looking for something that compares well to Fleisher's in Brooklyn


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  1. try Butcher Bar on 30th ave in Astoria. They have both of what you are looking for.

    1. Aaron's Kosher Gourmet on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park sells grass fed beef, bison, and organic free range poultry. Unfortunately, as the name says, it's forget filet mihnon or pork. But of the kosher cuts, the selection is large and prices are high, of course, but not that bad.
      I've never been there, but I've seen it from the LIE...Queens Natural Meats, a little east of exit 23 (Kissena blvd), it might be worth investigating. Also there's the Farmer's Market in Forest Hills, in front of the Post office on QB. sundays, there's a butcher from Ghent, NY selling grass fed beef, chickens,and pork. In spring another butcher takes over, same deal.

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        Queens Natural Meats is pretty good. They sell Eberly's and grass fed beef.

        International Meats in Astoria also sells organic chicken and grass feed beef.

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          International Meat Market (a few doors down to Butcher Bar) is one of the best butchers in NYC if you ask me. They have an amazing selection that is always very fresh and top quality. They will prepare any meat to your specs and will also order anything under the sun for you. I ordered a full Rack of Elk one time and it was absolutely delicious.

          I didn't mention them initially b/c Butcher Bar specializes in the stuff the OP wanted...but i much prefer International Meat Market to Butcher Bar which is more restaurant than butcher.

          Ask for one of the John's. They own the joint.