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Jan 28, 2014 12:04 PM

Caul fat

Just wanted to put this out there - I have been looking for caul fat to make the country pate from the Les Halles cookbook. Stuart at Central Market Westgate told me that they have to order it in 10 lb frozen blocks, and since demand is low, they don't do it regularly. BUT, he did it for me, it came in today, and will be thawed and portioned for sale by Friday. I'm down for a lb, and thought some enterprising Austin hounds might be interested in grabbing some.

Here is a CH thread on uses for caul fat:

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  1. What are they charging you per lb?

    1. i believe popvulture had been looking for some way back when?

      1. Thanks for the heads up. I want some. Did he tell you the price of it? Am I going to get gouged like i do at the seafood counter?


        1. The guy that ordered it for me wasn't been there when I called, but the counter guy said that it would probably be between 3.99 and 5.99 per lb.

          1. There are one or more folks at the Republic Sq. Farmer's Market who sell it; also frozen but in quantities appropriate to a single pig. Sorry that I do not recall which merchant. May have been Richardson Farms. I just noticed it was on their sign as I wandered by and bought it. It would probably work to ask any of them selling fresh pork.