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Jan 28, 2014 11:31 AM

Scratch Bar anyone?

Thinking of going to Scratch Bar for their DineLa thing. Anybody been recently?

I searched and there wasn't much talk about it since early October but I've been seeing a couple rave reviews recently. It seemed like the kind of place that might need a little time to sort itself out. So I guess I'm asking if it's sorted out yet?


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  1. I dunno, but it's a cool name for a cougar bar.

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    1. i thought the food was pretty tasty. they don't have a full liquor license, so the drinks are a little...different, but not bad at all.
      i'm glad i went. i enjoyed it. ate vegetables, mostly. portions not huge.

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      1. re: linus

        I hate it when they swap out the real stuff for sochu.

        1. re: kevin

          it's not my favourite, either, but this place doesn't have a full liquor license.
          what they did was fairly inventive, but all things considered, when confronted with this sort of thing i stick to beer or wine.