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Jan 28, 2014 11:23 AM

Better spot on Grenelle?

Some time in the past year a reviewer on CH or PBM mentioned a spot a few doors from au Dernier Metro that they actually liked better than ADM. (Searched and can't now find the comment.) As we will be staying in the 7th on this trip, and we love ADM, it would be good to know the name of this place on Grenelle. Thanks in advance for helping me with my "great eats" itinerary.

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  1. see Dr. Talbot December 01, 2009
    Le 122: Bistrot d'Hier et Aujourd'hui in the 7th: How did the big print boys so miss this one?
    and this old post found by searching the France Board

    My wife and I have enjoyed this pleasant spot twice in recent years.
    "LE 122

    Another of our favorite places, it is not only within walking distance for us but Farid and Sophie are very special hosts. We usually have at least one meal here during our stay. A “Phillip Stark-like” room but with such warmth and friendliness. We started with a terrine de gibier as well as a “Chicken Soup”. The flavorful terrine was primarily biche and the soup was truly outstanding. The depth of flavor in an almost clear broth (and with what my wife calls the “bits in the bowl”) was eye-opening. Mains were a backhoeffe of cod and a perfectly rare pintade. With 2 glasses of Billecart-Saumon; a glass of Girard Pouilly; a bottle of 2009 “Far-Ouest” Languedoc red; an old Bas Armagnac and 2 coffees the bill was 175E. There are more reasonably priced menus at lunch and dinner but this was our splurge meal for the trip."

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      Sorry that I tripped you up by not specifying Blvd de Grenelle. Yes, LE 122 is very good. We had a lovely lunch there after a walk through Jardin /Musee Rodin. Certainly worth a return. Thanks for the reminder.

      1. This was probably Le 122. Search the Paris blog. It's a favorite of Dr. Talbott, and many other CH bloggers.
        My wife and I have enjoyed several times over the years.

        1. OOPS Rue de Grenelle not Blvd. Sorry, but it;s a grand meal.

          1. (counting to 10), which Grenelle ? rue, boulevard, pont, quai, etc. Ok, ok, I know from your Au Dernier Métro reference, you mean boulevard de Grenelle. But in Europe, you always have to use the street designator (rue, avenue, etc) to avoid confusion. You've already confused UpDoc who has given you a very nice list for the rue de Grenelle.

            For the boulevard Grenelle and vicinity, Le Volant on the rue Béatrix Dussane off the rue Lourmel, la Cantine du Troquet Dupleix on the boulevard de Grenelle, and Les Prolongations on the boulevard de Grenelle are three basque restos with superior cuisine and have been mentioned on Chowhound.

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            1. re: Parnassien

              All above (hychka, UPdoc and Parnassien), the Good Dr Talbott does indeed love Le 122 but also the Dernier Metro and la Cantine du Troquet Dupleix, although not as much as the Cantine de la Cigale. But all are very different; Le 122 is a place to take your wife, the Dernier Metro, your concubine and la Cantine du Troquet Dupleix, your movie star girlfriend (sorry, but I cannot help stiffle my laughter when the French say it's only the Anglos who care about all this stuff but Closer sells out each week.) BTW, I got thru my second day without a mention of Hollandegate, let's hope it's over.

              1. re: John Talbott

                O JT JT, we need to have a talk :)... having had dozens of movie star girlfriends (ok, ok, maybe not movie stars and maybe not dozens), I would never take one to la Cantine du Troquet Dupleix and it's probably the last place even a helmeted Hollande would ever scoot to for a show-and-tell with Mlle Gayet. He might take the French rugby team for a night out there but the conviviality and no-rezzie thing is not quite the right formula for movie star-girlfriend. And since "concubinage" is quite an honoured and legally recognized relationship in France, Le 122 would be far better choice for the dinner with the concubine. And that leaves Au Dernier Métro for a night out with the wife (or, since nobody gets married anymore, the civil partner/ pacsée).

                1. re: Parnassien

                  "O JT JT, we need to have a talk :)... "
                  I note you've dropped the venerable.
                  I was commenting on the 3 choices.
                  Were I the President of the (only) Republic according to French TV, I would:
                  1. Dine at home, ie, the Elysee (which has a very good chef - trust me), and send the other lady or ladies as the case may be, to eat at the Bristol (or is it closed for renovation)?,
                  2. Go to multi-starred places in a limo not a scooter, and
                  3. Go with my real wife to the places we love.
                  And unlike you, the only movie star I ever cavorted with was Peter Fonda (although his sister Jane was there in Pamplona at the time) and what we did has I hope run out the statute of limitations (it's in my memoirs, soon to be published).
                  So this leads me to ask where do you take starlets out?

                  1. re: John Talbott

                    JT, ok, you're back to Le Vénérable despite your atypically unwise description of the Troquet Dupleix as a place for presidential mistresses.

                    These days, I always take my bevy of vedettes and starlettes to Le Meurice ... hopefully there's an expense account involved somewhere here... and must say that Le Meurice has improved under the Ducasse brand (for me, a very difficult admission).

                    1. re: Parnassien

                      Indeed, I am surprised at your admission but am glad of it.
                      I wonder if others will be so fair. Ducasse surprising a bit there as I see it.

                      And if you have an expense account involved there, I will be more than delighted to exercise it for you.
                      B model rather than starlette in tow.
                      And that moniker does not refer to any 'dimension' nor to quality/beauty. The A list is just far too difficult to manage.
                      Well, maybe if this is all on your centime.