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Jan 28, 2014 10:19 AM

Gilead Wine Bar

Any recent experiences at the Gilead Wine Bar?

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  1. We went for lunch one day recently and enjoyed our burgers. The staff not so much and we froze inside.

    The staff were quite surly - one practically barked at me when I asked if maybe they had more cookies in the back? I wanted to buy a dozen as a gift for someone.

    The place is all windows on one side and I realize it's bloody freezing out but still - the whole place had their coats on while eating. Could they maybe turn up the heat???

    1. Perfect timing! Was there for lunch yesterday for a friend's birthday -- first and last time.

      I didn't know that it's basically a take out spot with a few tables. There is no table service though they have two staff behind the register taking orders and bringing you your food. Not sure why they can't walk a few steps to actually take an order at the table???!!

      The menu is a lengthy chalkboard list though many items are riffs of the same ingredients prepared in different ways. You place your order at the counter with the extremely unfriendly staff who are clearly put out about being there, then go sit down and hope you get your food in a reasonable amount of time. We were handed napkin wrapped cutlery. There is a table with filthy carafes of water and stacks of glasses and one is supposed to help themselves to water.

      We both ordered soup, followed by two mains - the short rib poutine and the vegetarian cabbage roll as well as bread and butter which is $3. We asked that the soup and bread be brought out first which received a sigh and an eye roll and the declaration that they'd make the request but that's not how they do it! Turns out they did manage to bring us the bread and soup first and they were delicious.

      The room was indeed freezing and the floor filthy too. Granted it's winter but really, it looked like the floor had never been mopped.

      Jamie was onsite.

      The food was yummy but the concept and the atmosphere leave a ton to be desired. There is absolutely zero hospitality extended. We spent $50 for lunch (no drinks).

      Off my list.

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      1. re: GRobin

        It should be noted that technically it's only the Gilead Wine Bar at dinner (to figure this out it only takes a quick read on the website):

        For breakfast and lunch the place is referred to as the Gilead Café (as it has been for a while).

        True, this is kind of confusing, and certainly can lend itself to a bit of Jekyll / Hyde situation, but if you actually go for dinner, you'll find the space reset and rather cozy / inviting. And I found the food quite delicious. To each their own.

        1. re: 2 cents

          What about brunch? Has anyone tried their brunch? Considering it for Mother's Day. Kind of a high-risk day to try something new....

        2. re: GRobin

          haha you must have had the same staff as I.

          I totally agree with your comments - zero hospitality!!!

          Off our list also.

          Jamie was onsite too but really, who cares.

          1. re: millygirl

            I care, but only to the extent that those were experiences with him there, imagine what it's like when he's not there!