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Jan 28, 2014 10:13 AM

Gluten free king cakes?

I did a search but didn't note anything on king cakes.

Now I know the request is like fat and sugar free BBQ ribs, but there are a few in the office that need gluten free and if I could I would like to bring such a king cake in.

I would also like to see if any baker could pull it off.

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  1. Have you given the PeaceBaker out in Metairie a call? I've heard good things but not necessarily about a king cake.

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    1. re: montuori

      My friend got a blueberry king cake from the Peacebaker just to try it out. Said the flavor was good but the consistency was more like a pound cake. He's not gluten free so I had to explain that for the most part gluten free baked items are not quite the same but they are getting better

      1. re: montuori

        Thank you for that lead. I will pass by there next week.

      2. I picked up a Peace Bakery king cake this morning. It was well received at the office by the gluten freers. One hadn't tried a Peace king cake since last year and says this version is greatly improved. Even the gluten gluttons thought it was pretty good.

        The texture was a bit like a pound cake ala cake doughnut. Flavor was very good and not overly sweet, like many king cakes are.

        The downside is the cost at $25. Unfortunately they didn't make scones today so I didn't get a chance to test them. Todays product was cheddar biscuits which looked good but was not on my taste list this morning.