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Jan 28, 2014 09:48 AM

Food Porn for real

Talk about voyeurism!
"Park Seo-yeon is known as "The Diva" in the community, and makes about $9,000 U.S. a month. As an end result of these earnings, she has quit her job as a consultant."

Published 2 days ago on youtube by Reuters

Summarized in writing:

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  1. With no slight to what others find appealing, speaking for myself I find that type of voyeurism quite unappealing.

    Why would anyone want to watch someone else eat? Or pay to watch them eat a tray of food? Hospitals could make a fortune on such setups,lol...not.

    1. Oh sure she's an entrepreneur diva, I did this EXACT same thing 5 years ago and they called me a perv just because I wasn't wearing pants. Who cares!?!?! I was seated at a table most of the time, only when I needed salt or pepper would I have to get up. Geeze.............

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        1. re: SaraAshley

          Jrvedivici didn't even have any pants to be up-tightened :-D

      1. Should be noted that the thread title is misleading. While it's voyeuristic, it isn't porn by any definition, for those of you looking for a cheap thrill (YouTube prohibits actual porn).