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Jan 28, 2014 09:02 AM

Anyone know of any Artisan Bread making classes ?

I am the best baker when it comes to cakes, cookies, muffins and pies, but have never tried bread making and I am anxious to learn. I would love to know if anyone would know of any bread making classes in the New England area, preferably north and west of Boston. I am currently reading the "Bread Bakers Apprentice" book....but would prefer to actually see the whole process in person from start to finish. The artisan breads out there are my favorite breads and works of art in my opinion.

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  1. Cambridge Culinary Academy does a bread class for home bakers..

    1. The actual name of that business is The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

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      1. re: Steve L

        I took that class four years ago and unless something has changed I do not really recommend it. It was primarily just a class about how to shape dough -- we made baguettes, focaccia, and a couple of brioche rolls. But since it was a three or four hour class, it's not like we had time to mix and ferment the dough. That was all done for us.

        There was a very brief lecture on mixing and fermentation and a lot of it, I now feel, was either misleading or just plain wrong. (I've spent a huge amount of time since then reading up -- books like "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" and sites like The Fresh Loaf.)

        That said, it was fun, and it did kick off my obsession with bread quite nicely. Which has been great, if you don't count my waistline.

        1. re: davis_sq_pro

          I do t recommend CSCA either, and I've taken the class twice. It's not about artisanal bread.

      2. Wow...thank you so much for your replies...I was just looking at the Cambridge adult ed courses. This is great, I will check out the Academy classes. :)

        1. A&J King Artisan Bakers of Salem holds classes on occasion; check the website for info.

          1. Boston Center for Adult Education has baking classes.


            One scheduled for February is titled Artisan Bread.