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Looking for a fennel substitute OR what to do with a lot of smoked salmon

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Hi, I was given a large smoked salmon. I had been saving it for a party but not party materialized. It is close to its expiry...so I need some ideas!

I found this recipe (see end of post) for a smoked salmon/potato/fennel hash that sounded great. The only problem is that I hate fennel. What would be a good substitute for the fennel.

And if you have any good ideas for using salmon in a recipe (aside from quiche/eggs), I would love to hear them.


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    1. I am eager to make a smoked salmon pizza. Bake or grill a fairly thin crust pizza, then top with sour cream/dill, salmon, thinly sliced red onions, and capers. Maybe quartered or sliced HB egg. There are a bunch of recipes out there on the web if you want more specifics.

      1. Best thing: make a smoked salmon dip....

        or... serve or a pizza or foccacia with smoked salmon, artichoke and/or asparagus, and chevre, gruyere, and/or comte cheese...

        The above are incredible pairings with chardonnay or champagne... amaze your friends.

        1. Smoked salmon savoury cheesecake is delicious.

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            I'd like to hear more about that!

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              , i have made several. They are cream cheese, some other kind of cheese, eggs, cream,
              Here is one

          2. I love this lentil dish, without the bacon, served at room temperature with chunks of smoked salmon, assuming that you have non-sliced salmon.


            The amount of mustard and vinegar is bracing, so you do have to love those flavors. I omit the fennel and just add more of the other vegetables.

            1. just make the hash and omit the fennel.

              don't know how much you've got, but you can portion the salmon and freeze it.

              bake or steam small new potatoes. push them open, so you have lots of exposed surface area on the top. run these under the broiler to crisp, then top with sour cream, diced salmon and capers. or butter, bacon and salmon. or salmon and salmon roe.

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                Well, the salmon had already been frozen. My husband took it out to make room in the freezer. I fell like the clock is ticking.

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                  i wouldn't be overly worried about the package date. it's preserved fish and most likely what's on there is a sell-by date.

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                    Oops, I missed this, too. Next time, cut into manageable portions and only defrost one at a time.

                    For today, maybe invite some friends for an impromptu cocktail party?

                2. Smoked Salmon Dip for Super Bowl:

                  Smoked Salmon Dip
                  6 oz smoked salmon (drained if you are using canned)
                  8 oz. cream cheese
                  8 oz. sour cream
                  1/2 package powdered ranch dressing mix
                  Mix well and grab the crackers! Good on toasted bagels too!

                  Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad

                  1. Thanks everyone for the great ideas!

                    1. hot or cold smoked? usual to see a whole hot smoked.

                      1. Smoked salmon freezes very well. Just use the portion you want to use today, then cut the rest into reasonable portions and freeze them individually.

                        For today's fattening-as-hell, but delicious, dinner: Saute some finely diced onion in a little butter, stir in a block of cream cheese, a dash or three of hot sauce, and let the cream cheese melt. Stir in your chopped smoked salmon, plus a small handful of capers and toss with pasta. You can thin the sauce with cream or a bit of your pasta cooking water if you think it's too heavy.

                        Go for a long run tomorrow.

                        1. Smoked salmon mousse with a good hit of gin or vodka is delicious.

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                                I second leeks as the best substitute for fennel for the hash; it'll be great. Also, if unopened, smoked salmon can go a fair amount of time past its expiration date.

                              2. UPDATE: I made the recipe that i had linked to in my original post. Used celery root and leeks as a substitute for fennel. It was really, really good.

                                Thanks again for the tips. I have about 2/3rds left so will try out some of the other ideas.

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                                  Good. I was just reading through this thread to see if someone had mentioned celery or celeriac, since they are the most similar in texture and astringency. I hate fennel (and all things remotely licorice-y) too, but also smoked salmon, so my interest was purely theoretical!

                                2. Cover it with it with Tarragon, and/or citrus or horseradish Aioli spread, or make Wolfgang's smoked salmon with caviar pizza:

                                  1. Probably too late for your smoked salmon, but chervil is an
                                    excellent substitute for fennel...excellent enough that you might not like it either!
                                    But do try it. Fresh is pretty hard to find.