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Jan 28, 2014 05:51 AM

Boiled Peanuts

Is there anywhere near Philly (I'm in Royersford, Mont county) to get boiled peanuts? I know they're mostly a Southern thing, but I'm so intrigued.

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  1. Khyber Pass used to but I don't think they do anymore.
    If you want to make them you can sometimes find green peanuts (note: green, not just raw) at the big Asian grocery stores on Washington Ave.

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    1. re: caganer

      Khyber Pass had them on their menu just this last weekend.

      It's not the season but Morgan's Pier had them on their menu last summer.

    2. I think they make a hummus out of them at The Fat Ham.

      1. Local 44 has them on the menu now. $4.

        1. A lot of the "opportunities" for boiled peanuts down south are Hawk's. Always reheated and sold at events and various locations. You can order them online.