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Jan 28, 2014 05:24 AM

BoMag cheap-eats feature

This might belong in Food Media & News, but Boston Magazine just did an extraordinarily chow-worthy piece on Boston-area cheap eats: Great nuggets from all over -- Mattapan, Eastie, Chinatown, on and on and on.

I could do with a lot more pieces like this from a publication that historically has played it very safe, dull and upmarket for its primarily fancy suburban readership. Best food feature I've seen from them in ages, maybe ever.

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  1. nice find- have people around here had the okonomiyaki at bon chon? they gave it a nice photo, now craving it, but don't want to be disappointed...

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    1. re: valcfield

      I haven't tried it, but my last two visits to Bon Chon have yielded chicken that was clearly not fried to order, which has me reluctant to hurry back for anything. I want to try the horribly named InBoston first, the new KorFC / KorBBQ taco place near Gene's downtown.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Much as I love okonomiyaki, I haven't tried it either. I've tended to assume that it would end up more like a Korean oyster pancake done up okonomiyaki style, possibly tasty but just not quite right.

        ETA: Sure enough, an older report fron another_adam confirms that it's a Korean take on okonomiyaki rather than the real thing:

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Slim, I had a similar experience at Bon Chon (Allston location) a few months back. Chicken was definitely not cooked to order. It came out room temperature and was delivered to my table about 5-6 minutes after ordering. I should have sent it back.

          I too want to try InBoston but I think it may be lunch only. Drove by last night at 6pm and it was totally dark in there. Can't find the hours anywhere.

          1. re: Gordough

            I did send it back last time we were in there, and I haven't been back since. Not worth it.

          2. re: MC Slim JB

            I had a sample of inboston's fried chicken when I stopped in for a menu. Thought it was very good.

            Requires further exploration.

        2. Thanks for highlighting this article'll note that Popeye's made this list.I know you had a poor experience years ago...but perhaps this is the impetus to give its delicious fried chicken a second chance!

          1. Agreed, this is an extremely cool list. And it's refreshing to find this mag dabbling in Allston and Eastie. (Especially since my gradstudent salary doesn't really accommodate their usual high-end/haute recommendations.) I bet it's the first time their staff has set foot in the Super 88 Food Court... Speaking of which, this may not be the place to mention it, but one item I really enjoy there is the fish dumplings at "One of The Kind [sic]".. The owner mentioned that these were his favorite thing their chef makes, and I thought they were delicate and very fine.

            1. Agree totally - I say best local food feature ever across the board, and it's not even close. It's been getting cooler over the last couple of years I think, but this is at a whole other level. Let's hope it brings the fancy suburban readership to East Boston and Mattapan.

              1. This truly is a great article, thanks for posting! It reminds of the equally excellent issue from last year where they highlighted a ton of great Asian dining in the metro region.


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