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Jan 28, 2014 03:40 AM

Miralto Restaurante & Bar?

Does anyone have any comment on this restaurant on the 41st floor of the Torre Latino, or Chef Ruvacalba? Good, bad, indifferent?

I imagine it's best saved for a clear day, during daylight hours, but I'm sure nighttime has a magical quality. I can't say the menu looks particularly imaginative, or even very Mexican, so perhaps a stop for a drink on the way to another restaurant for dinner, or for a nightcap? They also serve breakfast on the weekends.

The restaurant's own publicity is all hyperbole. TripAdvisor has it in the middle of the pack, but reviews are out of date.

Worth the menu price, or just visit the observation deck by itself?

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  1. Visit the observation deck a the Torre Latinoamericana, have coffee or a drink, and then go to Azul/Histórico, in the Centro Histórico at Isabel la Católica 30, for breakfast, comida, or cena. You want to choose one for the view and the second for your meal--you won't regret either and your time will be well-spent.


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      Thank you, Cristina! I think I will do just that. It helps that Azul Histórico is right across the street from another must, the Museo del Estanquillo, which I didn't make it to on my last visit.

      This will be the plan for whatever day dawns the clearest!