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Jan 28, 2014 03:35 AM

is Tickets open for lunch?

Hello, tentatively thinking about a weekend trip primarily to eat at 41 degrees on a Friday night and then Tickets on the Saturday for lunch. We are thinking of April so reservation not open yet. When you look at the 'schedule' on the website it does look as if they do lunch on Saturdays but I don't' know if they have used the wrong year to make the calendar as there is no Saturday the 14 th in April for example. When you click on the last Saturday in March there is only a dinner slot available..
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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  1. Just had lunch there this past Saturday. Great meal and fantastic staff. I'm guessing if you don't see any availability on the website that they are booked for lunch that day. Good luck

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    1. re: mats77

      Thanks for getting back to me, that's good to know. Will post back on how we get on.

      1. re: curiouseater

        My previous post, perhaps, wasn't as specific as it should have been: they only serve lunch on Saturdays.

        1. re: mats77

          That suits us fine, thanks for clarifying. What did you order? Anything you would have again or were underwhelmed by?

          1. re: curiouseater

            The three of us had them pick our tapas for us which we ended up being happy with. The standouts were: a lightly fried fish with avocado, oysters, crab canneloni, cheese puffs, and apple slices infused with hibiscus and tequilla. Enjoy!