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Jan 27, 2014 09:14 PM

Jamaican Restaurants

We are having friends from Jamaica visiting and would like to take them out for dinner to a Vancouver area Jamaican restaurant.
Are there any in or around Vancouver that offer excellent Jamaican dishes?

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  1. Calabash is probably the best but it's located on a bit of a sketchy block.

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    1. re: flowbee

      But, why take them out for Jamaican food when they can get the real thing at home?

    2. we have the Reef over here in Vic and i see Van has a couple locations. Never been tho over there tho. Its Bob Marleys birthday on the 6th and they usually do a fun night. They also have a good dine around menu

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      1. re: daislander

        The Reef is very poor representation of 'pan Caribbean food'.

        And I quite agree that any place here is a pale pale shadow of what's on offer in JA.

        Why not take them to a Vancouver experience like Guu or one of the other Izakayas?

      2. The Lion's Den on E. 15th (between Les Faux Bourgeois and Matchstick Cafe) has Jamaican offerings:

        But it's a very casual cafe. I mean, if your friends are really hankering for home foods it's ok to take them there. Now they also have this "Japaribbean" selection which might raise your friends' eyebrows :-D

        But I agree, like others said, you'll do better by showcasing the best of Vancouver to them.

        I faintly recall there's a decent Caribbean resto on the North Shore. Anyone know ?

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        1. re: LotusRapper

          The Kingston reggae cafe. Unfortunately no longer open.

        2. What, no love for Riddim & Spice on Commercial Drive? ;)

          Just kidding.

          Calabash is the only Caribbean restaurant I'd willingly take folks craving some of that cuisine, but if they're from Jamaica, they'll likely be disappointed with whatever Jamaican cuisine Vancouver has to offer. Unless they specifically requested Jamaican food, I'd take them somewhere else that Vancouver does well.

          Saying that, I had a friend from St Lucia who LOVED the food at The Reef on Main Street, specifically the hush puppies. *shrug*

          1. Taking Jamaicans to a Jamaican restaurant in Vancouver makes no sense whatsoever, by any measure. I wouldn't even take them to Jamaican in Toronto, where we have a very large Jamaican community. Canada doesn't do Jamaican anywhere close to how Jamaica does Jamaican - so it would be a disappointing meal for them.

            I'd figure out what they might like and take them to somewhere that does that well.