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Jan 27, 2014 08:41 PM

Oversalted braised short ribs

I braised some short ribs today and I can tell that there is a delicious dish hiding there under the excess salt. (I followed a recipe from "Flour Too" that said to salt generously, and I guess I overdid it). Is there anything I can do to salvage what is essentially a thick, savory but far too salty stew? I know I can pick something very bland to serve it over (unsalted baked potato?) but are there any other other tricks to lessen the saltiness of the stew itself? THANKS

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  1. I have heard that you can soak up some salt from a liquid by simmering a whole peeled potato in it for a while, then remove the potato and discard it.

    I don't know if this works or not.....?

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      It doesn't. But if you cube the potato and eat the dish as a stew with the potatoes that might help.

    2. You can freestyle some additional sauce, without salting it. Make a bechamel using unsalted butter. Add to it some of the herbs/spices you used in the dish - probably it calls for some tomato product too? Use fresh, or unsalted canned. The tricky part is getting it beefy tasting without adding a salty flavoring. Grind up dried mushrooms into powder, or slowly sautee chopped onions until mahogany brown. Mix your extra sauce in with the salty meat and its sauce, cover, put in a very low oven for an hour, stir again, cool, chill, and by the next day some of the salt will have come out of the meat and balanced out the sauce.

      1. There's not much you can really do to make the braising liquid less salty without altering the overall effect, short of making some more (less salty) braising liquid and adding it to the original to cut it. The potato trick is often offered, but it doesn't work very well in practice. You could also add another non-salty bulky liquid to it (plain yogurt, cream, sour cream, bechamel, or maybe even coconut milk might work, and wouldn't thin it out) to dilute the saltiness. Obviously, this would change the overall effect.

        Failing that, I'd suggest cooking up some egg noodles (don't salt the water) and tossing em with the stew kind of like a pasta. It's not a perfect solution, but it would help mitigate.

        1. Slice some potatoe and let it simmer. The potatoe will absorb the salt.. you may want to eat the potato or throw it away if it is too salty. A pinch of sugar will also help.

          1. Like others, I think potato chunks. Add a bunch to the stew. I wouldn't toss the potatoes unless they seemed too salty themselves.