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Jan 27, 2014 06:58 PM

Liberty Bell Melrose- Monday Nites 1/2 Price Pasta Dishes

This casual counter service place gets good word here for their roast beef sandwich and fried seafood but recently someone told me that the pasta is good too.. especially at 3 to 5 bucks! We have had a couple of the chicken dishes but with shrimp instead of chicken for $1 upcharge. It's quite busy on Mondays so they don't officially do variations on this day but they did anyways and the chef really cared and wanted to make sure we were happy with it. The portions are generous, about 7 large tail-on shrimp which are very high quality and tenderly cooked... the type that feels and tastes somewhat like lobster tail.. They have Marinara, kind of chunky and basic but fresh and good with a little onion, parsley, celery, or minced garlic and butter(or oil), or alfredo which is really more of nice coating of béchamel with a mac and cheese type flavor. with linquini or ziti. Other choices are meatballs, sausages, chix parm, chix broc ziti, shrimp scampi served in take out dishes whether eat in or out... Obvi not a chowish dining experience but nice homey bargain made by people who care even when churning it out.

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  1. Damn, I drove past there tonight on the way home from a demo, and didn't stop!! (smacks forehead!)

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      brought my mom some ziti and meatballs and she and friend split it and really liked it, said zesty but not over salty.. so now I have a meat eaters opinion too..

    2. Thanks for the I info. Have had their RB, and enjoyed it- and they do a good job with their fried foods ( and they offer a TON of fried foods). I don't eat much pasta, but my mom loves it, so this is a great option. She can enjoy the leftovers for lunch during the week. She loves chick/broc ziti. As an aside, the chick/broc alfredo pizza from Lisas Pizzeria ( in both Wakefield and Melrose) is decadent. I really cant eat it, but had a taste the last time we ordered, and it was great. Their pies are huge. My nieces and nephews love this place. Last time we got the alfredo pizza, along with a salami/garlic and cheese. Big pieces of roasted garlic. so good!

      1. I think the Melrose location is the better of the chain. The Stoneham location has too many off nights, and the Southie location has never really been my cup of tea.

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          East of Broadway, totally agree bout Melrose vs Stoneham.
          Hi again Mecca, saw your hello on the other thread! We actually had salmon the other nite at Liberty. The chef said he could make to order things on other nites that weren't as busy as Monday so we asked him to try Salmon with broccoli alfredo and it was really good. Nice huge piece of grilled salmon and all cooked just how we asked. We also got fries and salad and realized that we should've just ordered it as a salmon dinner and a broc alfredo instead of making him make something new! But he did present it very nicely vs us mixing things up ourselves. I think they have also changed and improved the fries and the salad dressings. Tonite we had shrimp and gemelli with spinach instead of broc in butter parm sauce at Capri in Reading, where we used to often get our shrimp and pasta fix and it was delish, but its kind of hard now to dish out 16 bucks on a Mon for whats less than 5 at Lib Bell..Same for the shrimp scampi at Polcaris which is really good too, but that's over 20 now! Wish I had tried the salmon at Tremonte cuz the one time we went we didn't like anything we got, or the service...Have you tried Café Aldo in Stoneham yet?

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            The salmon/broccoli sounds great. Dont cook salmon very often at home, as I am the only one who likes is.
            My brother was up visiting us from VA this weekend- he always has to have fried clams when he visits! On Saturday, he brought home a few fried clam plates. I really cant (or at least shouldn't!) have fried clam, fires, etc, but I did try one. Clam was great- and LOVE their onion rings. They are not the frozen kind usually served. Have not tried Café Aldo- but some friends tell me they enjoyed it. I think they had a Groupon, or some kind of coupon the first time they went there.

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              Just popping this back up in case anyone wanted to try it on a Monday and forgot... I still think the shrimp is really great quality and the price is unbeatable. We like the alfredo sauce with the shrimp and linguini but it is a somewhat thicker, more commercial sauce than your gourmet authentic cream and butter type, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying it..