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Jan 27, 2014 06:35 PM

superbowl 2014

OK Chowhounders, we're not in the big game this year but I still want to enjoy the whole spectacle of the ' S****bowl'. (are you happy now Rodger Goodell ?) Any ideas where to watch in Boston area ie. comfortable, good food and drink (not the usual fried mozz., potato skin routine !) or should take out and stay home and watch, any ideas on that route ? Good food that is not the ordinary 'nuke and serve' cuisine ? Thanx to all and when do pitchers and catchers report ; )

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  1. JM Curley is doing takeout -burgers and wings- info on their fb page

    Strip t's also doing a takeout deal that has a Jewish/snack food mashup vibe going-

    Those are the two i'm deliberating atm....

    1. Craigie has a pigs head and tails takeout deal.

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        Kirkland Tap and East Coast Grill have takeout deals as well, more traditional than Craigie. BBQ at ECG and kielbasa and green chili wings at KTT.