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Jan 27, 2014 05:54 PM

Naples: where best to buy beef, fish, and cheap(ish) decent restos

Heading to Naples for 2 weeks in April, in Vanderbilt Beach area. Will be with 10 month old in tow, and have rental place. Have some questions:
1) Where is best place to buy beef and fish for cooking? Is Whole Foods defacto choice, are there other stores to consider? What about Fresh Market & Publix? Costco?
2) I have seen the Chowhound posts on best restos, but was wondering about relatively cheap(er) places where a 10-month old would be welcome. Places near Vanderbilt Beach would be helpful. (we will have wheels to drive around, too).

thanks in advance

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  1. Markets - the best for beef is Jimmy P's near Coastland Center Mall. Best for fish is Swan River. Whole Foods has a very good fish selection but cannot meet Swan River's standards.

    As far as affordable restaurants go check websites of Bravo, Brio, AZN, Bricktop's, Fernandez the Bull (cuban) for selection and price. Enjoy.

    1. Jimmy P's is a great butcher but very expensive. You can buy waygu beef and Kurobuta pork. Whole Foods also has a great selection but is pricey. I think Fresh Market is a good alternative. Swan River is a good choice for seafood, however I usually hit the farmers markets for very fresh fish. Another alternative Fri-Sun is at the Flamingo Isle flea market which has an excellent, fairly priced fish monger.

      1. For fresh fish I'd suggest going north a little to Bonita Beach Rd and visit Rodes.