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Jan 27, 2014 05:00 PM

SF Dish of the Month (February 2014) - Nominations/Voting

As usual, let's skip the nomination round, and just combine everything into a single discussion. Feel free to include a sales pitch with any nominations.

Everyone is welcome to vote once by pressing the recommend button for the dish you'd like to choose. You can change your mind up until the deadline.

I only included two of the runners-up from last month, so if there's something else you'd like to be on the ballot, you should write it in, and then others can vote using the recommend button. If you write something in, that will be considered your one vote (and if you want to change your vote after that, just post again to say so)

Voting will be open until Friday Jan 31st at 5 PM PST.

Previous DOTMs:
Shrimp and grits :
Jook :
Mapo doufu:
Southeast Asian Fish in Banana Leaf:
Breakfast Sandwiches:
Banh Xeo:
Wonton Noodle Soup:
Corned Beef:
Dan Dan Mian:
Burmese Tea Leaf Salad:
Whole Chicken Stuffed w/ Sticky Rice:
Cucumber Pickles:
Channa Bhatura:
Asian Fried Chicken:

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          1. re: BernalKC

            I like the idea of getting 3 or 4 different croissants from different bakeries and doing side-by-side taste tests.

            1. re: Dave MP

              And also, what about tasting the same place on 2 different occasions to assess consistency?

              1. re: BernalKC

                huh, we've gone for one and a half years without a French DOTM.

              2. SOONDUBU JIGAE (Korean soft tofu stew)

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