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Jan 27, 2014 04:31 PM

New Yorkers visiting for the first time!!! Help!

Visiting in march with my husband and another couple and it's our first time! Would love to hear any recommendations you are willing to offer, whether it be food or activities, bars or restaurants, fancy or casual. We will be staying at place d'armes. I assume much if our time will be spent in the FQ. Obviously since its our first (but not my last, have a bachelorette in june) don't mind if it's on the touristy side or if you are inclined enough to offer up some local to-dos.

What is your go to spot to eat/drink?

Thank you!!

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  1. While these do not even come close to covering the great food of New Orleans, it's sort of my "short list:"

    Galatoire's - old-school New Orleans cuisine, done as well, as one might ever find. Upstairs can be reserved, while downstairs is from the line outside only. Downstairs is a bit more of a show, but the food and service are the same. First time? I recommend downstairs.

    Restaurant August - Chef John Besh's stellar tribute to New Orleans Cuisine, through his eyes. Lovely, and he normally "knocks it out of the park," with his Tasting Menu.

    Brigtsen's - up River, in the River Bend Area, but Chef Frank Brigtsen is a master of New Orleans Cuisine, through the filters of his life and experiences.

    Something by Emeril - Chef Emeril Lagasse has several options, and any new visitor should do one. I like Emeril's (Warehouse District), or NOLA (in the FQ), over Delmonico, in the upper CBD/lower Garden District.

    MiLa - CBD, and a bit of an oddity, but worth the trip - it features a combo of Mississippi & Louisiana Cuisine - chefs are a couple, and from MS, and LA.

    Commander's Palace - Lower Garden District, and a great restaurant. It might be better for Brunch, and in the Garden Room, if available.

    That's my personal short list, but I have to say that there is not much overlap.



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      1. Bill gave you a great list, and I don't disagree with any of them -- particularly for the reasons stated.

        That said, let me add to it with a few more of my own . . .

        Bars (presented in alphabetical order):
        -- Arnaud's French 75 (FQ): One of the very best bartenders in New Orleans, Chris Hannah makes a great Sazerac cocktail, and other classics.
        -- The Carousel Bar @ Hotel Montelone (FQ): it's iconic, and now that it's non-smoking, it's even better!
        -- The Sazerac Bar @ The Roosevelt Hotel (CBD): It's worth a visit for the murals alone, rescued and restored after Katrina, but the drinks are great -- especially the Ramos Fizz (it was invented here, IIRC).
        -- SoBou (FQ): Abigail Deirdre Gullo is more likely to put her own spin on cocktails, but she is my other favorite bartender and her Sazeracs are to die for.


        To Bill's list, I'd add -- in random order -- Cochon (CBD), Herbsaint (CBD), Patois (way uptown), and Bayona (FQ).

        I'd also toss in Central Grocery (FQ) for a muffaletta at lunch and a picnic by the Mississippi.

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        1. Explore the French Quarter and try to see ALL of it...not just Bourbon. Cross Esplanade and discover the Marigny.

          Also, if you have enough time try to go Uptown. St. Charles is one of the most beautiful streets in the country and Magazine is one of the most interesting.

          For a first time visitior it is very easy to get "stuck" in the French Quarter...especially if it's a short trip.