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Jan 27, 2014 03:56 PM

A Love Letter to Breville

Santa Claus brought me a Breville food processor [to replace my nearly 40 year old Cuisinart]. Very soon after Christmas, there was a problem with the power cord. It was entirely my fault - I need to make this clear, Breville had nothing to do with the problem. Customer service was more than helpful, instructing us to pack it up and ship the entire unit to them for replacement. Yes, they picked up the shipping cost via FedEx. Today, about one week after the customer service discussion, a brand new Breville food processor was delivered to my door.
In this day of rabid complaints about the lack of customer service, I think it is important to give a shout to a company who went 'the extra mile' to make their customer happy. We hear so much negativity that I found Breville to be the poster child for great CS. It probably won't be a coincidence that I will lean toward this company when making future decisions. Way to go, Breville!

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  1. I knew there was a reason I liked Breville. :)

    It's amazing what a little customer service will do, isn't it? And how it spreads goodwill for a company from person to person. I've had similarly good experiences with Calphalon and with Food Service Warehouse and like you, I'm happy to share my experience.

    Wonder if there's a thread for shout-outs like yours? There should be.

    1. The even better news is that my five year old Juicer and seven year old K-Cup Coffee Maker are still going strong with zero issues to date.

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        We're sadly on our second Keurig K-Cup, but have hopes that the bugs have been worked out. Is it a Breville brand?

        1. re: DuffyH

          I have a Breville K-Cup Machine ... I bought it for vanity [it was the first I saw made in stainless steel and matched the kitchen appliances] and it has other programmable features not offered on the Keurig at the time, but it has really held up over time.

          1. re: hawkeyeui93

            I didn't even know Breville made one, so ran over to Amazon to check it out. If our new Keurig fails (doubtful, the design was fixed, IIRC) I'll get me one. Thanks. :)

            1. re: DuffyH

              Glad to help and wholeheartedly recommend.

      2. Good customer service is indeed refreshing. Hats off to Breville!

        When we remodeled the kitchen we bought an Electrolux refrigerator (no freezer) for the main kitchen refrigerator. The laundry room regrigerator/freezer is about 5 more steps away, so we can get away with this set up. Anyway, this was an expensive piece of equipment, not Sub-Zero expensive, but pricy none the less. At just under a year it quit cooling, issues with the compressor, it was under warenty and the place where we bought it came and picked it up and brought it back to their shop. Found a coolant leak and thought they had it fixed. Almost exactly a year latter, it quit cooling again. I figured I was hosed and out the $$ for a new fridge. My appliance dealer was very helpful and although it took some time over the Holidays, Electrolux authorized a new refrigerator be delivered. Okay, it was their problem, but with all the poor customer service that's been going around and companies trying all sorts of things to avoid standing behind their products, I was impressed.

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        1. re: mikie

          So nice to read that, mikie. And a double winner, with the local dealer stepping up, too. I think that kind of service is as important as reliability. And I suppose it's generally a mark of a reliable product, too. I mean, if the company is confident enough to stand behind what they make, then they likely aren't drowning in failed products.

          Sure, we sometimes end up with lemons, but still.

          1. re: mikie

            I am about to remodel and I will keep your experience [positive] in mind. Thanks!

          2. I have nothing but +10's for my Breville FP- it was a worthwhile purchase!

            1. I have been happy with the customer service at Kitchen Aid.