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Jan 27, 2014 03:35 PM

Recommendations for Bachelor party weekend

I mention this is a bachelor party only so the recommendations are large group friendly.

The bachelor (and group) are a bunch of foodies, so I'm looking for recommendation on some good restaurants. They can be places that you know have nice large rooms, or somewhere where we can get a few tables next to each other.

Initial places I stumbled on: Barley Swine, La Condesa, Foreign and Domestic.

We're looking to do 3 dinners out. I'm thinking Stubbs BBQ as one of them.

Let me know any suggestions for great restaurants.


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  1. Foreign and Domestic is small, not big enough for a large party. Barley Swine is super small as well. It's not downtown and a lot of folks may disagree but I think Salt Lick in Dripping Springs would be a cool location for a bachelor party dinner. It's BYOB though and a little rustic. Space wouldn't be a problem though. If you are planning on going to an adult establishment Stiles Switch BBQ is right next to the Yellow Rose. You could walk next door.

    1. Uchiko has a private room
      Bobs Steak house( chain but not bad)
      Swifts Attic is small but has a side area by the bar where they push some tables together
      Easy Tiger?
      I recomend drinks and pizza at Violet Crown (cheap and crazy fun)

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        Recommend VIA 313.. Bangers seems like it might be fun place to hang. You guys could graze on Rainey Street the whole night.. I'm not crazy about the food there though, full disclosure, but they have a massive amount of beer.

        1. re: girloftheworld

          Is there a must "go-to" spot for foodies in Austin?

          1. re: jstarr

            the ritual of Franklins
            Drinks at Violet Crown
            Brunch at Fonda San Miguel

            1. re: jstarr

              I Suggested Uchi to a friend with out of town foodie type guests last week and they could not have been more pleased.

              1. re: Rene

                I prefer Uchiko-- to Uchi( especially if you have a large number)---- it just is a bit more magical....

                1. re: girloftheworld

                  Appreciate the suggestions.

                  Here's my thought, we have awesome Japanese in NYC, since we're only in Austin for the weekend, also looking for must go to Restaurants that represent Austin a little better.

                  Eddie V's or Roaring Fork any good?

                  1. re: jstarr

                    Eddie Vs has a good vibe for a party group, but the food isn't what it was before they were bought by a large corporation.

                    1. re: SlickTheCat

                      if you want steak i would do
                      Texas Land and Cattle

                      even Fogos... before I would do Eddie Vs

                      1. re: girloftheworld

                        I found Fogo to be lousy by Brazillian steakhouse standards. I didn't like Texas Land and Cattle much but I can recommend Austin Land and Cattle. Best burger in town served only in the bar though. Steaks are also good and you actually get a side dish.

                        1. re: Rptrane

                          but they are both better than Eddie Vs...
                          I think Bobs is Better than Eddie-

                          Eddies always seems like the Schwan man stops by and dumps off the food ---same with Flemings

                          I do agree ALC is better than TLC

                          1. re: girloftheworld

                            NOT Texas L&C - Austin Land and Cattle

                            Texas is a chain and has really gone downhill on top of that.

                        2. re: jstarr

                          I think uchiko does represent austin very well (they also have a killer private room) - it is not just sushi - lookup a menu.

                          Someone above mentioned going to the salt lick & I agree. Would be perfect for a group of out of town guys.

                          I think La condesa for an austiny take on mexican would work very well.

                          Don't eat eat stubbs.

                    2. re: jstarr

                      Have morning coffee at either Houndstooth location, hit Easy Tiger for some great morning pastry or afternoon ping pong.

                      Uchi, Uchiko, Barley Swine, Odd Duck, Ramen Tatsu Ya

                  2. don't eat at stubbs. great for a show, but you don't have to eat there. stiles switch or freeman's if you want bbq dinner. and what Rptrane said.

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                    1. re: ieathereforeiam

                      BBQ dinner would be Live Oak BBQ as well. Heck, they don't even serve the daily special until 3.

                    2. OK- So on to recommendations for a BBQ dinner.

                      I'm looking at Stiles Switch, and some of the other top places.

                      Any in particular that you strongly recommend? I think Salt Lick is out since no one wants to take a 30 minute drive anywhere.

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                      1. re: jstarr

                        I think that Stiles is a good option because there's plenty of room. Here's a suggestion - call ahead and place an order for a certain time. They aren't currently busy enough to take in a large group. Burnt ends, beef ribs, turkey, and sausage are the way to go.

                        1. re: rudeboy

                          Ask for moist. Always ask for moist brisket.

                          1. re: rudeboy

                            Stiles has a good selection of local beers on tap, too

                        2. I'd skip Stubb's in favor of Lambert's, unless there is a good show at Stubb's that night. You should also check out Salt Lick. I know these guys offer transportation and some sort of package to Salt Lick, because it is a haul to get out there.
                          Stubb's brisket didn't really do it for me when I visited. Good luck!