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Jan 27, 2014 03:26 PM

Kumi and the Cut of the Week

I'm staying at Mandelay Bay starting Wednesday and wondering whether anyone has tried Kumi?

Also this may be a silly question, but at Charlie Palmer, is it required that if one diner gets the Cut of the Week, the whole table has to? This week's CotW looks good to me, but my companion doesn't eat beef.

We won't have a car and may taxi to LOS one night, but it's a working trip so we will likely eat mostly at Mandelay Bay or tram over to Aria, as I am a Julian Serrano fan.

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  1. Can not help with Kumi, but at Charlie Palmer it is not a problem at all for only one person from the table to order the Cut of the Week menu.

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      Thank you QAW! If we eat at Kumi I will report back.