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Jan 27, 2014 01:58 PM

polite appeal to moderators [moved from Not About Food board]

So that I may in the future obey the rules of this board, and not risk again having one of my posts stricken. Could the moderator please clarify what is explicitly allowed and forbidden to ask here.

I had made an inquiry regarding household cleaning supplies. I had assumeed that it was appropriate in the "not about food" topic, just as questions about plastic bags, pet names and hostess etiquette seem to be. However I was notified that my post was to be expunged because I was too far away from food discussion.

I really like your boards, but just want to make sure I am following the rules.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Here's what we say in our FAQ about the Not About Food Board:

    "The Not About Food Board is a place for discussions that are only tangentially about food, or that aren’t about food but are related to food or dining in some way. The board’s title may be tempting, but it’s not meant to be a place for all of the various non-food interests of Chowhounds. It’s a place for us to redirect useful conversations that almost—but don’t quite—fit on other boards."

    So, in other words, posts and questions should have something to do with food and/or eating. A question about plastic bags for storing food or grocery shopping would be on topic, though a question about plastic bags for, say, storing clothing would not be. Hostess etiquette has to do with food, so it's okay. Pet names is off topic. I think the discussion you are referring to is actually about restaurant names, not pet names?

    Anyway, hopefully this helps. There's definitely no hard feelings, and if you ever have more questions or are not sure about things, feel free to post here or email

    Dave MP

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      1. re: Dave MP

        There's a thread about food related pet names.

      2. I think that queries for kitchen cleaning products would be okay, but bathroom or other, not so much.

        1. Were you promoting cleaning products? Not allowed here.

          1. First rule - don't take it personally if a post or thread is removed. :)

            Second rule - don't post anything that is irreplaceable.

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            1. re: paulj

              Third rule. Rule number 2 is not possible. (g)

              1. re: Servorg

                Fourth Rule.. we never talk about Rule No 1-3.

            2. No, it's no big deal I guess. I was asking about using essential oils in cleaning solutions. The first (only) answer that came back was "I get mine at a lebonese market or whole foods". So obviously I wasn't talking about rebuilding a carburetor or selecting roofing tiles. It just sort of twerked me because it seemed so arbitrary and subjective to have been booted. And I'm not used to being told that I'm breaking the rules.

              Just so I stay compliant now; zucchini, pinot noir, coriander, tofu, mirin, sirloin.