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Jan 27, 2014 01:10 PM

What is the best commercial beef stock or broth readily available in shops in downtown Toronto?

I ask because at the moment I am in hospital but am to be released fairly shortly. However, as my energy levels are low after three weeks of daily radiation, I'm looking for fairly simple things to cook for my supper.
One idea I had was a hearty winter soup like barley and vegetable - not allowed meat yet but probably will soon - but for such soups to work,
they do need a tasty stock or broth as a base.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi ER2, sorry to hear about your health problem and I hope you recover soon! If you want to make a simple and tasty stock at home, just buy an ox tail, braise it, and put it in a pressure cooker for 45 mins with some onion, celery and a carrot. I buy it at Mr Greek Meat Market on Danforth Ave, it's usually $3.99 /lb. Here is a recipe:

    1. Sorry to hear about your health challenges

      One nice simple way to get what you're after would be to buy a premade soup. Daiter's sells a mushroom barley soup in a jar that they carry at Longos stores, it's stick to the ribs defined and I believe it's fully vegetarian.

      1. I always keep jars of Better Than Boullion around for quick broth emergencies. It's not as good as a real, restorative stock made from gelatinous goodies like oxtail, but it works nicely for the sort of quick, easy soups you're talking about. When I lived in Toronto, I found it readily available at Highland Farms.

        1. Well, if you're downtown, Cumbrae's always has a nice, rich beef stock from organic origins and will also have a veal stock if you want something lighter. Get better soon...Spring is just down the road.