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Jan 27, 2014 12:34 PM

Best "not-so-well-known" Fine-Dining-Restaurants in Manhattan?

Hi all,

Iam fom europe and Iam planning a fine-dining-trip to New York City (5 days). But: I really have no clue, where to go – apart from the famous top-end-places like EMP, Per Se, Daniel, Jean-Georges or Atera etc...

Which restaurants (apart from the ones mentioned above) do you recommend? I like modernist cuisine alot, but I appreciate very well made "classical" cuisine as well.
What I don't like is your run-of-the-mill fine-dining-place, where everything is kind of nice, but nothing really memorable.

Thanks alot!


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  1. Hi Kai,

    It really depends what your main goal of this experience would be. If it was me, I would recommend trying trying food types you won't normally find where you are from in Europe. NYC has some amazing Indian food, Tamarind comes to mind but there are plenty of others. Also, trying one of the ramen places in the city is a great option. Ippudo is a solid choice and has two different locations, Totto is another good choice here and does chicken broth based ramen. Not sure if you are into BBQ, but I recently went to a place called Brisket Town in Brooklyn and that was an amazing meal. Tapas also is done extremely well in the city, a few places I have enjoyed are the Kuma Inn, Sala One Nine, Alta, and Barbuto. Then a favorite of mine for mussels is Flex Mussels... if you go stay for the donuts for desert, they are amazing. Hope that helps!


    1. They're not really "not-so-well-known" but you could try out Aquavit (unless you're from a scandinavian country), Jungsik, The Nomad, 15 East and Tamarind Tribeca and I promise you won't be disappointed...

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        In addition to Jungsik and The NoMad, I highly recommend Momofuku Ko, Picholine, Betony and Juni for fine dining. BTW, I've dined recently at all of these restaurants as well as EMP and Atera, and had extraordinary dinners at all of them!

        1. re: ellenost

          One more nod for Jungsik. Piora is another solid option, albeit not as fine dining as EMP, Le Bernardin and the like.

          In the same vein as Ko, the Kappo dinner at Ma Peche is also a fun experience, and a great value for chef's counter.

          1. re: zeeEats

            I can't believe I forgot to mention the kappo at Ma Peche (especially since I'm going this week). Thanks for recommending it!

      2. I would look at Aldea and Skal.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Thanks for suggesting Skal. Hadn't heard of it, menu looks interesting, and they keep New York (late) hours.

        2. Jungsik for sure. Louro (not really fine dining in terms of white tablecloths and formal service, but excellent food). Le Bernardin. One of Michael White's restaurants, for the pasta.

          1. In Manhattan, Annisa.

            In Brooklyn, the Elm.

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              Ha, shoulda scrolled down first. You beat me to my Annisa rec.