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Jan 27, 2014 12:33 PM

Bobo vs creative, intelligent and adult?

A venerable blogger recently made the distinction between cooking representative of young adult/hip/bobo restaurants and that which is creative, intelligent and adult. While I get the drift, I find it illusive and without obvious parameters. Care to share opinions on which kitchens fall on either side of this rather shifty divide? I guess we would first need to define each category?

(Is it possible that I'm actually more hip than adult?)

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  1. I think that they are basically the same foodwise... it's just that "creative, intelligent and adult" food is more expensive and tends to be eaten in more polished surroundings. The divide is defined, I suppose, by price.

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      I agree that many of our favorite dining rooms look as if the budgets for sandpaper, paint, vests and aprons, even matching chairs all gave out at once. But most have good, heavy, comforable flatware and decent stemware.

    2. I think the cooking can be as good (or not good) independent of surroundings and restaurant style. "Style over substance" affects all types of restaurants from the hip/bobo through to the creative and intelligent.

      1. Bobo means nothing. Sartre said: "Bobo, c'est les autres."

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        1. All these distinctions constitute a form of pilpul.
          I'd ignore him.