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Jan 27, 2014 12:17 PM

Family-friendly eats on route from NJ to VT?

I am driving up to Okemo with my family next week, looking for something family (and budget-) friendly on the drive up from NJ. Any ideas welcome. My kids love Cracker Barrel so even something along those lines (or a decent diner) is fine. Thanks!

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  1. well if you are driving up 91 there is a cracker barrel just off the road in Holyoke MA

    1. what route are you taking?

      1. Assuming you're taking 9, that you will be in the Greenfield, MA area around the time you wish to eat, and that you don't mind driving 5 - 7 minutes out of your way, I would definitely recommend The Wagon Wheel on Rt 2 in Gill. Budget and kid friendly, low key, surprisingly interesting and tasty choices. Perfect for the entire family. Right off the Greenfield exit is the 99, a Massachusetts chain, but perfectly decent food with reasonable prices.

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          The wagon wheel is my very favorite place but really really different from Cracker Barrel.

          1. re: magiesmom

            I was under the impression that the OP was looking for anything family and budget friendly, Cracker Barrel included. Hence the line "even something along those lines, (or a decent diner) is fine." I think Wagon Wheel fits the OP's query perfectly.

            1. re: hilltowner

              You are right, probably. WW is quirky so I thought it might not work.
              But it would be a great choice.

          1. There is also a Cracker Barrel in East Windsor Ct- exit 45 off I-91. Depending on your driving route, you might consider either in Southington or Hartford (I-84) or Rocky Hill (I-91) just south of Hartford.