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Jan 27, 2014 12:08 PM

Kosher Italian Cookies: Bon Appetito

I saw these cookies in a non-Jewish owned grocery store in my neighborhood, and had never seen them before. The OU directory lists this on their website as a certified product. A google search shows the company was previously under the Tablet K supervision/ parve (


I'm impressed that this available, albeit in a non-Jewish hood, and this brand even has Pat Yisrael in Hebrew letters on the box. They apparently make black and white cookies, too.

I saw other parve Italian cookies from Fairway once, that had a Kof K. Can't remember the name, though.

This seems like a promising alternative to Stern's and whatnot.

My preferred source for parve Italian cookies is still Scotto's, since they're the most authentic.

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  1. The best packaged kosher cookies in the whole world are Amarettini de Saronno Originali. they come in a red tin, and are IMHO far superior to competing brands. They are a kind of Italian miracle made from sugar, apricot pits, and egg whites. Nothing else in them. They are parve, gluten free, available in lots of Italian stores in the US and are certified by the OU - don't let this put you off. They are heavenly. (They are pricy)

    Plus, they keep really well. So, you can keep a box in the cupboard and - if you can stop yourself from eating them - serve them when you have unexpected guests or simply run out of time to bake.

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      Amaretti cookies are in a league of their own.

      I'm actually Italian on my mom's side. I became an Orthodox Jew a few years ago, and ate from all the best Italian bakeries in NY, Villabate, Alba's, etc. I missed the Italian cookies with jam in the middle, biscotti, Regina, Umberto biscuits, etc. Scotto's always represented this genre well, but I can't always get over there.

      This brand was actually pretty good. And it's convenient for me. I got this 2 lb. tray for under 10 dollars and it went over well at a kiddush I sponsored on Saturday morning.

      My all time fave Italian cookies are marzipan cookies.

      1. re: tractarian

        If you're looking for Italian bakery stuff in the Kosher realm, it's worth trying Sapienza bake shop, in Elmont (Long Island). Not something you can serve at meat kiddushes, obviously, but they're under the Chaf-K and fantastic.

        Doesn't really help the OP with packaged cookies, though.

        1. re: masteraleph

          I enjoy their stuff a lot, actually. I'm very familiar with both Sapienza and Scotto's.